Anatomy & Glossary

Beam: Main cross member that extends between posts. It carries the rafters. Usually a heavy timber.

Brace: Angled timber that ties the posts to the beams and spreads the weight. Can be straight or arched.

cross hatch top - IBD Outdoor Rooms - SE USACross Hatch: Purlins or rafters running perpendicular to the main rafters, making square roof sections. This adds to the shade a pergola provides as well as adding mass and visual interest.

gable pavilion - IBD Outdoor Rooms - SE USAGable: Ridge beam with rafter style roof that yields a triangular shape at the end. Most common style of roof structure for houses.

hip roof pavilion - IBD Outdoor Rooms - SE USAHip Roof: Roof style that angles from center point on all sides. Popular for its architectural appearance.

Jack Rafter: Short rafter that spans from main rafter to the beam.

Pavilion: Usually open, often ornamental structure used for entertainment. Often fully roofed.

Pergola: A structure consisting of parallel columns supporting an open, flat roof of beams and rafters.

Rafter: Any of a series of timbers supporting the roof.

Ridge: Main horizontal member at the top of the roof.

Ridge Vent: Vent at the top of the roof that follows or includes the ridge.

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While everybody else I contacted was telling me ways that my project wouldn’t work, Sheryl was busy telling me ways my project could work. She calmly and attentively came up with an outdoor fireplace design that addressed the quirks of my particular job, and she had a friendly ‘customer first’ attitude while doing it. I really appreciate it!
~ Justin Youngers

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