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Fire Pits for Fall

Fall has finally officially arrived and the temperatures and turning-leaves are proof. Whether you live on the east coast, the west coast, or anywhere in between, fall is the time when people move outside. In the mountains or on the beach, we are drawn outside to relax, explore, and entertain. Barbecue cookouts are replaced by backyard bonfires, and cool evenings are for s’mores with the kids, wine or coffee with friends, and a crackling fire to bring it all together. Is your fire pit ready for fall? Make sure your home has the perfect outdoor space with a new fall fire pit.

Gas Fire Pits for Fallman and child sitting by firepit

Gas is a popular fuel source not just for indoor fireplaces and stoves, but also outside fire pits and fireplaces. Our gas fire pits are custom-designed for you. IBD Outdoor Rooms actually specializes in custom gas fire pits, and when you start with us, the planning, design, and shipment are seamless. Gas fire pits offer many benefits that other outdoor fire options don’t. Your gas fire pit can be ignited and extinguished immediately when necessary. Don’t fumble with kindling or matches. Your fire can burst to life with the press of a button—even with a remote in some cases. Your gas fire will need no oversight. Once it’s lit, just sit back and enjoy.

The only task now is to get from here to there—design, shipment, and installation.

Designing Your Gas Fire Pit

All of IBD’s fire pit housings are made of fully welded corrosion-resistant frames and ½ cement board covering. They are shipped ready-to-finish and should be installed by a licensed contractor in your area.

  • IBD’s most popular design is the octagonal fire pit housing. It comes sizes ranging from 36 to 72 inches across to fit burners of 19 or 25 inches. This is a great option for any space and allows for 360-degree seating.
  • A great option for a space of any size is the classic round fire pit housing. It stands at 18 inches tall and includes two stainless steel vents for optimal fuel efficiency. The round housing comes in a variety of sizes from 36 to 72 inches across and works with 19 and 25-inch burners. We also have an oval fire pit housing for longer spaces with available space.
  • For more intimate spaces and for use as a coffee table, the square fire pit housing is a popular option. There are two sizes of the square fire pit, 36 inches across with a 19-inch burner and a 48-inch fire pit with a 25-inch burner.
  • Also available in two sizes, the wedge fire pit housing is perfect for a corner installation. This option can allow you to utilize a small space and still make seating possible.
  • For outdoor spaces next to squarely-shaped pools, spas, and patios, you may prefer a rectangular fire pit housing. We have those too, available in a variety of sizes and burner designs.
  • For a classic look, you can choose the Stratford or Pedestal fire pit housing which is available in sizes large and small. The Pedestal fire pit is our tallest, standing at 42.5 inches tall.

Contact Us

No matter the size or shape of your space, we can help you pick out a fall fire pit. Contact IBD Outdoor Rooms to design yours.

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Bring the Party to Your Yard this Fall With a New Fire Pit

Fall is here, and no matter where you are, it’s never too late in the season to enjoy a nice fire pit. You can bring your yard to life with a new fire pit that compliments your landscape and house, fits in your space, and is affordable and durable. You’re one step away from having the outdoor space of your dreams! Choose a fire pit from IBD Outdoor Rooms and transform your yard into the go-to party place of the neighborhood.The perfect round firepit for your home this fall.

Location, Location, Location!

It’s important to choose the best location for your new fire pit. If you are in the beginning planning stages of your outdoor space, you have more freedom here. If, however, you already have a patio, pool area, or garden, you may just need to decide where to place the fire pit within that space. Maybe you already have a basic fire pit you’ve been using temporarily. Then you need to decide what size and shape of fire pit you need.

Gas Fire Pits

At IBD Outdoor Rooms, we specialize in gas powered fire pits. The environmental benefits, safety, and efficiency of gas-powered fires make them the best choice for our customers. They can be fired in moments, extinguished immediately, and each have precise temperature and flame controls. Gas fire pits also don’t “smoke-out” your friends and family as you lounge by the fire, and there’s no ashes to clean up. It’s easy to choose a gas fire, but homeowners also have the choice of designs, sizes, and finishes to complete the fire pit of your dream space.

Working with IBD Outdoor Rooms

–Choose a shape that we have in stock, or choose a custom design that fits your space and needs specifically.
Wedge (perfect for corner placement!)
Tall pedestal
–Choose a burner size that matches the capacity you want for your fire pit. We do not manufacture or supply a specific burner, but a professional can assist you in choosing one when you plan your fire pit with us.
19 inches
25 inches
–Complete the job by choosing a finish that will compliment your landscape and your home. We ship products “ready to finish” and offer two beautiful options.

Your Finished Fire Pit

When the fire pit that you choose arrives to your house, it will be ready to finish. We do not offer installations and encourage our customers to hire a certified contractor to complete the installation. For your fire pit, make sure you seek out a NFI certified chimney and fireplace technician to complete your installation safely and efficiently.

Are you ready to choose your new fire pit now so that you can enjoy it this fall?

Call us at 704-960-4530 and we’ll turn your fantasy into reality!

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Safety Tips for Your Fire Pit

If you’ve been waiting for cooler weather and love to spend time outside entertaining and enjoying the weather, a fire pit may be just what you need.

Your Fire Pit

When choosing your fire pit, you want to choose something that works for your needs. This includes size, depth, design, and more.
Factors to consider:

  • Wind—If you live in a high-wind area, you probably need to choose a fire pit that is on the ground instead of raised, and it should have a deeper “pit” in order to be unaffected by the wind.
  • Location—Your fire pit should be installed on a flat surface and never directly onto the grass. Stone or patio surfaces are ideal, and you should avoid putting the fire pit under a porch, carport, or trees.
  • Size—Even if you regularly entertain a large crowd, keeping a large fire in a large fire pit can be a recipe for disaster. A fire pit should be no larger than the size of a manageable fire.
  • Insurance and Codes—Before making your purchase you should check with your homeowners insurance provider. They may have detailed requirements for fire pit use on the property.
  • Likewise, your city or county may have certain requirements for fire pits in residential areas. These things are very important to follow in order to protect yourself and your investment.

One you choose your fire pit, decide where it will go to perfect your outdoor space, and check with your city government and insurance provider, it’s time for the fun.



Make sure you have a certified contractor to do your installation. A professional will pay attention to the smallest details that will enhance your fireside experience and keep you and your guests safe. You will also want to seek out a NFI certified chimney and fireplace technician to install any fireplace. This protects you in two ways: these techs know what they are doing and guarantee their work, and many of the manufactures warranties are void if you do not use a certified technician to install the appliance. You can visit the NFI website or CSIA to find a certified tech near you.


Final Tips

  1.  Check for burn bans and wind advisories. A quick change in wind can quickly turn a party or casual gathering into a disaster. Likewise, burn bans are in affect for a reason. If a burn ban is in affect, there is high probability that the smallest spark from your fire will cause a wildfire.
  2. Clear the area of flammable debris. You might do this when you install your fire pit, but it should be done regularly. Be sure to clear away debris EVERY TIME you light your fire pit. Where fire is involved you’re better safe than sorry.
  3. Do not use flammable fuels like gasoline or lighter fluid. Instead use a commercial fire starter log designed to start a steady flame.
  4. Never leave your fire pit unattended. Also, children should not be left alone while a fire is lit.
  5. Burn proper wood. You shouldn’t burn treated (manufactured) wood in your fire pit. Also, burning soft wood, leaves, and trash is also a common cause of wildfire because the light material sparks out of the fire easily.

To learn more about fire pits and fire safety click here.

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