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The Value of a Gas Fireplace

When it comes to fireplaces, gas is the most popular and most efficient option today. Outdoor fireplaces are no different. The convenience of gas is unrivaled, and homeowners are taking the opportunity to get them installed before winter. Enjoy the warmth of a fireplace in the colder months!

Start Now

You can start planning now and find the fireplace of your dreams to enhance your outdoor area. Gas fireplaces are great fall and winter additions to your home. There is still time to choose the best fireplace and have it installed before the temperature drops.

Choosing Gas

When you choose a gas fireplace, you get the added benefit of convenience, efficiency, and a reduced carbon footprint. IBD Outdoor Rooms specializes in the gas powered fire pit and has a model to match every home, need, and personality.


Gas fire pits are good for the environment. They are highly efficient, produce less byproducts into the atmosphere, and less smoke into your yard area.


Because of the high-efficiency of gas, you and your guests will not be bothered by smoke, sparks, and odors from your fireplace. Gas fire pits burn only gas (unless you drop debris in the pit, which is not recommended).


Your gas fireplace is perfect for cool nights when you don’t want to shiver while you light a fire for a short get-together. Gas will fire with a switch or match, and extinguish just as quickly and easily. Depending on the model, you can adjust the heat and flame with easy controls, making these fire pits and fireplaces perfect for every season.


You can choose a gas fire pit that sits at the center of all the fun and activity. This is great if you have the space. If your space is limited, you can also choose a gas wall fireplace. Rinnai Walls are a great and beautiful option for divider walls and offer all of the benefits of gas fire. You can also install a fireplace cabinet to house a manufactured gas fireplace of your choice. You aren’t limited to one model or one style when choosing gas!


IBD Outdoor Rooms ships fire pits ready to finish. That means homeowners have the last say and can finish the fire pit with a material or style that matches the surrounding area, the patio furniture, the terrain, and more.

Real, Beautiful Flame

When you choose a gas fireplace or fire pit, you can even choose a traditional wood fire using ceramic wood that looks authentic! Enjoy a beautiful fire without hauling, splitting, or lighting wood. There’s no ash to dispose of, and no coals to extinguish at the end of the night.

With all the benefits, there is no reason to choose anything other than gas for your outdoor fireplace. To start your oder, call IBD today at 704-960-4530!

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Consider a Gas Fire Pit to Update Your Outdoor Living Space

As summer is drawing to an end, you may be wondering how to extend the use of your outdoor living space. You are loving being able to spend more time relaxing with your family and friends on your patio or outdoor kitchen space so much that you are thinking of ways to add a source of heat to the space. IBD Outdoor Rooms would like to help you provide warmth to your outdoor living space with a new gas fire pit that will allow you to hang out on the patio despite cooler temperatures. We can design the perfect fire pit housing in various shapes for various building materials that will match with the decor of your existing outdoor living space. You can choose from octagonal, round, square, wedge, oval and rectangular shapes, and we also offer a Stratford design and a tall pedestal table housing. We would like to tell you why we recommend choosing a fire pit as a way to provide heat to your outdoor room by sharing a couple of the most popular benefits of adding this feature.

Convenience of use

Although sitting around a wood-burning fire outdoors can be very atmospherically pleasing, it can be quite challenging to get the fire going quickly. The wind can make it difficult to ignite a fire, and it can also blow wood fires completely out. You also must have a supply of firewood for fuel for every fire, which means you have to have a proper storage location. With a gas fire pit, you can conveniently start up the flames in seconds with no problems by simply flipping a switch or push a button on a remote control. The Landscaping Network recommends gas fire pits for outdoor living spaces because you will be able to spend more time enjoying the fire because you will not have to spend time struggling to get a fire lighter or doing maintenance chores such as bringing in firewood and sweeping up ashes off of your patio.

Safe and clean fires

One of the best things about a gas fire pit is that you will not have to worry about smoke bothering anyone as you relax around the fire with your family and friends. A wood-burning fire can produce a lot of smoke, which can be both an annoyance and a health hazard. If you have experienced a smoky outdoors fire, you know that the smell can be absorbed by your clothes. While the scent of wood burning is pleasant, you do not want to smell like a campfire. Wood fires can also be hazardous when hot sparks and embers jump out of the fire. This can lead to someone being burned or even to an accidental fire. Hot sparks and embers are not produced by a gas fire, so you can truly relax without worrying about that hazard. In addition, the fires you will enjoy from your gas fire pit burn much cleaner with fewer fumes than wood fires, so you can also cross pollution off the list of concerns you could have with a wood fire pit.

Adding a gas fire pit to your outdoor living space increases the time you can enjoy that space and adds value to your home. Contact us at IBD Outdoor Rooms to learn more about how we can design the gas fire pit of your dreams.

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