Granitech base is pure natural granite granules. These granules are mixed with a clear polymer that allows the granite to “flow” and bond to the substrate.

The granitech finish system is a six step process that delivers a durable, attractive, natural finish.

151 White Pearl 151 white pearl - IBD Outdoor Rooms 152 Sandstone 152 sandstone - IBD Outdoor Rooms 153 Coral Reef 153 coral reef - IBD Outdoor Rooms 154 Alabaster 154 alabaster  - IBD Outdoor Rooms
155 Sandy Beach 155 sandy beach - IBD Outdoor Rooms 156 Volcanic Ash 157 volcanic ash - IBD Outdoor Rooms 160 Night Sky 256 black pearl - IBD Outdoor Rooms 256 Black Pearl 256 black pearl - IBD outdoor rooms


1. The IBD component is adhesive sealed at all joints and fasteners to insure a smooth secure base.
2. A primer is applied for a flawless surface.
3. The first coat of granite and polymers is hand troweled over the entire unit.
4. After the first coat dries, a second coat is applied under pressure for proper texture.
5. IBD’s unique seal coat is applied to lock the granite on as an “overcoat” that is applied to reduce abrasion damage and staining.

Custom colors can be produced with a sample of the color you are trying to match. We will then have it color matched as closely as possible.  This process of color matching takes about two weeks for samples to be returned to us.

“Granitech is an attractive, low maintenance finish that will last the life of the unit.
It combines the benefits and beauty of granite, but at a fraction of the cost”

Check out the availably to finish any of our products with the “Granitech” finish.  We can now give you the choice of ready to finish or finished.

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While everybody else I contacted was telling me ways that my project wouldn’t work, Sheryl was busy telling me ways my project could work. She calmly and attentively came up with an outdoor fireplace design that addressed the quirks of my particular job, and she had a friendly ‘customer first’ attitude while doing it. I really appreciate it!
~ Justin Youngers

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