Pergolas & Pavilions

The term pergola typically refers to a structure consisting of parallel columns supporting an open, flat roof of girders and cross rafters. A Pavilion is usually open, sometimes ornamental and used in a place of recreation for entertainment or shelter. Whether you chose the open roof design or the fully roofed option to enjoy every season, IBD can design the perfect unit to enhance your outdoor space.

Transform your Lifestyle

A well designed outdoor room will enhance your lifestyle more than most any other investment you can make. It will provide instant enjoyment and increase the value of your home substantially when it comes time to sell. Many of our clients tell us how it has brought their family closer together. It transforms you home into “the place to be” for all kinds of gatherings or just those quite moments to relax and unwind.

Our Premium Post and Beam Structures Define Your Outdoor Space

Building a Better Pergola

It Starts with the Wood

If you want a better finished product, you have to start with the best materials. Due to the high volume and consistent purchasing of TLTH (our pergola partner) we can naturally get the best lumber available. We can build from most any wood species you desire, but for the best combination of price, color, longevity and finish quality we use Douglas Fir as our standard material. Other manufacturers upcharge for the type of clear fir we use. You will also see we use “free of heart” heavy timbers. This gives the massive solid appearance that is so desired and diminishes the chances of warp or twist.

Superior Design

Our design staff draws on their sense of scale and style to insure your pergola or pavilion is a work of art. Subtle touches such as gently curved beams and arched braces please the eye and enhance the the elegance of the structure. Let the IBD design staff help you create the perfect framework for your outdoor living space. For your convenience we offer several standard designs and sizes, but if you want something unique or a different size we also excel at custom designs.

Quality Manufacturing

IBD pergolas are built on the most precision equipment available. There is an art to turning whole logs into elegant timber structures, and we realize technology plays an important part. IBD utilizes several unique custom built machines to accomplish the task. That precision is married  with old world craftsmanship, achieved only with our skilled artisans. The attention to detail is unequalled.

Ready to Assemble

The manufacture of your structure is overseen by our engineering department to provide you with a product whose beauty is more than skin deep. Once produced your pergola or pavilion is labeled and wrapped for secure, clean transportation. On the job site, installation is simple and straightforward. Start with securing the post base and then follow the numbers to erect the unit. IBD even bundles your product in reverse order so the next piece in the stack is the next one you need. Due to the size and weight of some components, lifting equipment may be required. All pieces are precision cut to eliminate trimming and fasteners and plugs are included to secure the structure together. Your particular installation will require specific connections to your patio or deck that are readily available from local suppliers. To roof your pavilion, we offer spruce tongue and groove decking and optional cedar shakes or even thatch roofing. IBD can also work with you to access Sunbrella fabric covering or side curtains for you unit as well.

We Make it Simple –  Choose Your Style

Whether you want a simple pergola or an elaborate entertainment pavilion, IBD is right in your backyard! Pavilions are available in traditional gable and hip roof styles. Want a structure attached to your home rather than freestanding? We do those too.

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Determine the Size You Need

Check out our offering of standard sizes. If you want something different, no problem. IBD will gladly design any style and size you desire. We can even combine styles and work around existing elements in your landscape. Standard sizes begin at 9 X 16 and go up to 20 X24 but there is really no limit to size or shape.

To Roof or Not to Roof

Pergolas are often left open. To provide the maximum shade, the rafters are usually oriented perpendicular to the suns rays. If you want midday shade your rafters should run east/west. Additional shade can be gained by adding our optional crosshatch top. This option is much larger and stronger than the purlins used by some manufacturers. For those who desire further protection from the elements we suggest you roof the structure. Our pavilions are typically roofed and used four seasons! IBD offers full decking kits as well as cedar shingles. We also have thatch roofing and Sunbrella awning fabric options. Discuss these and other roofing options with your IBD designer.

Choose Your Options for a Unique Style

When you choose IBD to supply your pergola or pavilion you have a wide variety of options available. Post styles and rafter end cuts set the tone for your structure. In addition to the roofing listed above, we also offer custom touches such as twigs for the gable ends and even Spanish Moss for the top. Privacy curtains are also offered. See the options sheet of our catalog.

Attachment Options

Your unique installation will determine how you will attach the structure to the ground. Proper materials are available locally and should be discussed with your installer.

Pergola & Pavilion Choices

Two Post Pergola 9 x 16 – 90-0916

Two Post Pergola 9 x 16 - 90-0916 - IBD Outdoor Rooms - SE USADouglas Fir, 8×8 posts, 2×6 joists, 12-in. centers, doubled 2x plates, arched braces. Options: Cross hatch top
Post Styles – Rafter Tails
Thatch roofing – Spanish Moss for top

Four Post Pergola

4-post-pergola - IBD Outdoor Rooms - SE USA

12 X 12 with 2”X 6” joists – 90-1212

12 X16 with 2” X 6” joists – 90-1216

18 X 16 with 2” X 8” joists – 90-1816

Douglas Fir, 8×8 posts, 4x plates, arched braces, 2x joists on 24-in. spacing, flush top.
Options: Post Styles – Side Curtains – Rafter Tails
Spanish Moss for Top – Cross hatch top  – Roofing Options

Gable Pavilion

gable pavilion - IBD Outdoor Rooms - SE USA12 X 16  – 91-1216

16 X 24 – 91-1624

20 X 24 – 91-2024

Douglas Fir, 8×8 posts, 4x plates, arched braces, 4x rafters, 4x ridge, raised roof vent.
Options: Post Styles –  Side Curtains –  Rafter Tails
Twigs for Top – Roofing Options

Hip Roof Pavilion

hip-roof-pavilion - IBD Outdoor Rooms - SE USA12 X 16  – 92-1216

16 X 16 – 92-1616

16 X 24 – 92-1624

Douglas Fir, 8×8 posts, 4x plates, arched braces, 4x rafters, 4x ridge, raised roof vent.
Options: Post Styles –  Side Curtains
Rafter Ends – Roofing Options

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