Fire Pits

round brick firepit with several chairs around it and pool in backgroundFire Pits powered by gas is what IBD specializes in.  Gas powered fire pits have distinct advantages over wood burning units. Gas units can be fired in a moment and extinguished just as quickly, eliminating the need to ‘babysit’ the fire.
Additionally gas fires do not produce annoying smoke or bothersome ashes. IBD ships all fire pits ready to finish. This allows the customer to choose from a wide range of materials to complement or highlight the surrounding décor. Top it off with granite or stone and your pit can serve as extra seating or table space as well. We offer several standard shapes and sizes that fit the most popular fire pit burners available. If you prefer a special size or shape, we can custom design most anything your heart desires.

IBD does not manufacture or supply a particular burner, but can assist you in choosing the best fit for your application. We also can help you with custom fire pit bar tables and coffee tables in many different shapes and sizes.

Standard Sized Fire Pits

Octagonal Fire Pit Housing

IBD’s most popular design. Perfect as the centerpiece for friends and family to gather around. The fire pit on the previous page is built with this housing. All housings feature fully welded corrosion resistant frames and 1/2 cement board covering.

octagonal fire pit with fire burning  and plants in backgroundoctoagon fire pit before install

40-1036 36” for 19” burner
40-1042 42” for 19” burner
40-1054 54” for 25” burner
40-1060 60” for 25” burner
40-1072 72” for 25” burner

Round Fire Pit Housing

The round fire pit housing is great for larger spaces or more intimate settings. Like all IBD housings it stands 18” tall and includes two stainless steel vents standard.

round fire pit with fire burning grass in backgroundround fire pit before install grey color

40-2036 36” for 19” burner
40-2042 42” for 19” burner
40-2054 54” for 25” burner
40-2046 46” for 25” burner
40-2060 60” for 25” burner
40-2072 72” for 25” burner

Square Fire Pit Housing

The IBD square housing is slightly smaller than the other standard units. It works well as a coffee table and can fit in smaller spaces. Two sizes are offered to fit most applications.

square fire pit with fire burning in it. Two chairs and tablesquare firepit before install grey color

40-3036 36” for 19” burner
40-3048 48” for 25” burner

Wedge Fire Pit Housing

wedge firepit before install grey color

40-4019 36” for 19” burner
40-4025 42” for 25” burner

Oval Fire Pit Housing

oval fire pit before install grey in color

40-5019 46” x 34” for 19” burner
40-5025 60” x 36” for 25” burner

Rectangular Fire Pit Housing

large rectangular firepit with fire burning and rocks in backgroundrectangular firepit before install grey in color

Rectangular Fire Pit Housing before install grey in color

40-6019 52” x 32” for 19” burner
40-6025 60” x 36” for 25” burner
40-6060 60” x 24” for trough burner
40-6072 84” x 24” for trough burner
40-6096 108” x 24” for trough burner

Stratford Fire Pit Housing

Stratford Fire Pit Housing before install grey in color

40-7019 52” x 32” for 19” burner
40-7025 60” x 36” for 25” burner

Tall Pedestal Fire Pit Housing – 42.5″ Tall

Tall Pedestal Fire Pit Housing for outdoor firepit before install grey in color

40-8048 48” for 19” burner
40-8060 60” for 19” burner
40-8065 60” for 25” burner

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~ Ken Warren, Asheville, NC

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