Quick Chase

Quick Chase of brick chimney on homes roof

The quick chase is a concept developed by IBD to fill the need for a factory built chase system for new construction, as a part of an appliance retrofit application, as a way to conceal the look of an existing metal pipe out of a roof, or as a replacement for a rotted or substandard chase system. The quick chase is constructed of our 22 gauge galvanized framing members covered with ½” concrete board. 22-gauge stainless steel is also available at an up charge. The quick chase system carries a limited lifetime warranty on the product.

The product is available both in a custom configuration where the installer will predetermine the pitch of the roof, the outside dimensions of the quick chase, the height of the quick chase, and the projection and size of the top band that is built into the quick chase. Quick chase can also be bought in quantity in a 2-part system with a pitch adaptor that can easily be bolted to the chase to adjust for common pitches.

The quick chase is built with stainless steel flashing built into the chase; the flashing is attached to the framing members and is inserted behind the exterior concrete board.

In addition to the quick chase, IBD can also fabricate and ship with the unit chase covers for the application, the available in hot dip galvanized, paint grip galvanized, stainless steel and copper. Powder coating of the exposed metal chase cover is also an available option.

quick chase is a way to easily provide to the installer a system where an attractive chase can be provided at the time needed, quick chase is a much higher quality product that the average field constructed chase and can be finished with any weatherproof material such as veneer stone, veneer brick, stucco, siding, or other material deigned to weather the outdoor elements.

The following series of photos should assist you in visualizing of the quick chase system.

Quick chase shown finished on the roof with stacked stone and chase cover on top to protect the interior from water intrusion. The concrete board used for the exterior of the quick chase is adaptable for veneer stone, veneer brick, or stucco to bond directly to the chase without the use of lathe, this eliminating a step in the normal veneer process. For bonding of the material to the chase cover we have found the best results are with a mortar manufactured by brixment, this marketed under the name of Stone Hold Cement For Stonework.

inside of chimney chase seen with one side of chimney brick taken off

This shows a photo of the interior of the quick chase installed on the roof. The quick chase has numerous benefits over field-constructed units; impervious to rot like regular framing and additionally is a non-combustible material eliminating concerns with clearance factors in the chase areas. All metal chimneys and vents should be installed in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions.

Metal Quick Chase shown with black background

The previous photo shows the framework of the quick chase with no concrete board attached, this shows the welded construction and also how the flashing is also welded to the framework.

Quick Chase of chimney all metal with black background

The previous photo shows the quick chase on an angled surface that simulates the roofline pitch.

part of a chimney chase object is metal with black background

The previous photo shows the pitch adaptor that is made to match the roof pitch for the 2-part SKU chase system. This is made for 2/12 4/12 6/12 8/12 & 10/12 roof pitches.

Quick Chase of chimney before install with black background

The previous photo shows the chase portion of the 2-part SKU quick chase system.

Quick Chase of chimney before install with black background

The previous photo shows the quick chase pitch adaptor set on an angled surface ready to mount the upper chase section.

Quick Chase parts on a chimney before install with black background

The previous photo shows the SKU 2 part quick chase assembled on an angled surface to simulate the look on the roof.

Quick Chase shown on chimney with black background

The previous photo shows a custom quick chase that has been manufactured for a 12 / 12 pitch roof to terminate through at the ridge of the roof.

Islands By Design can also provide you with a ready to fit chase cover, these are a high quality heavy gauge construction, come standard with a 1 3/8 high collar and are made to mate with the quick chase that was ordered. We offer our quality chase covers in hot dip galvanized, paint grip galvanized, stainless steel, or copper.



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