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Spice Up Your Curb With New Mailboxes / Lampposts & Post Bases

As you’re looking for property projects this spring, consider improving your curb appeal. Landscaping, trimming trees, weeding flower beds, cleaning the outside of the house and painting the front door are all ways to improve curb appeal. You can also improve it by adding a new mailbox, lamp post, or post base for your outdoor structures. These small touches can add value to your home with little work on your part. Our mailboxes and lamp posts feature a unique mounting system designed to “break-a-way” if struck by an automobile at a high speed. This design decreases the property loss when there is an accident. Protect your investment right down to the post of your mailbox or new lighting.

Masonry MailboxesSpice Up Your Curb With New Mailboxes  Lampposts & Post Bases

Instead of the leaning mailbox you can have a masonry-type mailbox when you shop with IBD Outdoor Rooms. Our mailboxes meet DOT and USPS requirements and are measured to the correct height before you get them. They include a mailbox and a paper/package slot which fits flawlessly with the aesthetics of the mailbox. When you design your mailbox with us, you can add a dress out band. This adds dimension and shadow line to the mailbox, and can be used with or without a top.

There are four tops to choose from:

  1. the hipped top which slopes up and toward the center on all sides
  2. the gable top which features a vertical face on front and back with sloped sides
  3. the stratford top which adds flair to the top of the mailbox
  4. the arched top which is simple and attractive

All can be used with or without the dress out band, however, the stratford top may be a challenge for your mason depending on the type of stone.

Masonry Lamp Posts

Ideal for electric or gas lights and torches, the IBD lamp post is the quick and easy way to add a beautiful masonry lamp post to your property. The hip top is the most popular top for lamp posts, although all mailbox tops can be used as well. Think about adding a masonry lamp post near the backyard patio or garden, poolside, framing the front door, or along the driveway. No matter where you choose to install, you can choose a finish to compliment your home .

Post Base

When you add a nice structure to your outdoor space, you can add a visual anchor to the structure and improve aesthetics by adding an attractive base. IBD’s Boot or Post base adds a decorative touch to any pergola or pavilion and it can be finished to bring together the whole space.

Finish and Installation

When you design your new outdoor features with us, you can choose a finish that specifically compliments your property. We work with Granitech and stone, both beautiful and durable options, to accomplish a strong end result. Before finalizing your order, you should consult a professional in your area who will complete your installation correctly and within code.

Speak with your chosen contractor and create your plan, then let us turn it into reality. Call IBD Outdoor Rooms at 704-960-4530.

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Create the Perfect Pizzas with a Wood Fired Oven

No matter where you live, you can order top-of-the-line products from IBD Outdoor Rooms during the cold weather. Lucky for you, winter is the best time to plan the outdoor space that will bring fun to your summer. We have outdoor products for your outdoor patios, kitchens, poolside cabanas, and gardens. These types of products bring up the value of your property, and we can help bring style and function to your favorite space as well.

Our Favorite Products–Wood Fired OvensCreate the perfect pizzas with a wood fire oven.

One of our most popular products, and frankly our favorite, is the wood-fired oven. A wood fired oven is beautiful AND useful. You may know it as a pizza oven, but they’re so much more than that. You can enhance any space with a wood fired oven. When you shop with us you have your choice of ovens housed in the component that will work best with your design, and then finished in the stone that will complement your landscape and your home. No matter where it’s placed, it will be the centerpiece of your space, your yard, maybe your whole property. The wood fired oven is easy to pick out, professionally installed, and is fueled by the most easily accessible resource–wood.

Step One

First, you need to discuss your new installation with a local contractor. Find a professional in your area who is NFI-certified and determine the best place for your new unit. This will help you determine what shape your oven module should be.
Next, choose your oven module. This determines the shape of your new wood fired oven, how tall it will be, and what style. Our modules include Classique, Stratford, Sicilian, Tuscan, and Milano. The Milano is the smallest option.
Then, choose stylish add-ons to complete the look. You can upcharge for a wider base cabinet or factory installation of brick oven. You can also choose a dress out band for the top of the chase as well as a short or long shelf for the pizza oven opening.
Because your unit will be a fire appliance, ventilation is required in order to keep the fire burning as hot as necessary for oven cooking. So in the final process, you will be required to pick a chase shroud.  Because your unit will be a fire appliance, ventilation is required in order to keep the fire burning as hot as necessary for oven cooking. This will allow gases to escape, while keeping water out of the opening.

Shipment and Installation

All of our customers at IBD Outdoor Rooms have the convenience of a home delivery. When your products arrive, they will be ready to construct and install with clear-to-read instructions and guidelines. Do not attempt installation or construction yourself. Hire a professional before you proceed to insure your new fire appliance is installed correctly, is code-compliant, and will be safe and long-lasting.

Get started today so that we can turn your fantasy into reality, bringing your outdoor space together into something to enjoy all summer long.

Call today at 704-960-4530.

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Protection from Water with Chases and Shrouds

Water can be the most damaging thing to your masonry, whether inside or outside. It can lower efficiency of your fireplace, causing your fire to be more difficult to light and to burn more wood than necessary. It can stain your masonry, rust your mechanical parts, and even deteriorate the masonry itself–breaking apart the brick and mortar until it gaps and crumbles. When you’re planning and designing your outdoor fireplaces and chimneys, make sure you’re also considering water protection. Protect your investments and your home. Add value to your home with IBD Outdoor Rooms, and protect that value with a chase and shroud.

Chase CoversProtect From Water with Chases & Shrouds

When you order your unit, make sure you purchase all the parts necessary to bring it together properly. When you order your chase cover and shroud with the rest of your unit, it will all arrive together. When your IBD Outdoor Rooms delivery arrives, it is ready to assemble. All you have to do is get the order right, and we can help! You can choose stainless steel or stainless steel with a copper dress out skirt. Many homeowners prefer the second option because from the ground it looks like the entire thing is copper.
Chase Covers with Hole – If the unit you’ve chosen has a flue pipe, you need a chase cover with a hole. This will protect the stone from water damage while also allowing the smoke to escape.
Chase Covers without Hole – This chase cover is for units that are “pipeless” or vent-free. They don’t need to vent, but the chase cover adds a complimentary look to your fireplace.


The shroud fits together with a chase cover. Where the chase cover protects the chimney from water, the shroud protects the flue opening itself, AND completes the look you may be looking for. Chase shrouds come in stainless steel or copper, with an optional powder coating of stainless steel and many different styles, including Roman, Grecian, Artisan, and Gothic. Make sure you check them out before making your choice.
Gothic Chase Shroud Extension – This model is used to give a chimney more height and massive appearance. The base can be Roman or Grecian style to compliment your style.

Care and Installation

When your delivery arrives, it will be ready to install, but we do not recommend doing the work yourself. Once your order is completed, and BEFORE your unit arrives, make sure you contact a professional in your area that can install the unit. Only a licensed contractor who is NFI-certified should install fire units, fireplaces, and chimneys. This will ensure any warranties are honored and that the work and the unit adheres to municipal and federal safety codes.

Ready to get started? Start with us by calling 704-960-4530 and we’ll turn fantasy into reality.

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Check Out Our Accessories and More for Your Outdoor Renovations

The weather in your area is likely still ideal for outdoor work. Getting renovations in the fall means weather is dry, temperatures are mild, and you can enjoy your new space this winter. If you’re looking to renovate your outdoor space, upgrade, or repair your space, we may have exactly what you’re looking for.

Grill Accessories

You can revitalize your outdoor space and cut down on clutter by making a space for your grill. IBD Outdoor Rooms sells Kamado Kaddies and Kradles. When your grill have its own space, you’ll find yourself using it more. Your outdoor space will be the perfect place to help you prepare holiday meals, cook without filling the house with odors, and you can even expand that space for hosting.

Mailboxes and Lampposts

mailbox with a fancy front doorThey can be installed as decorative piece to compliment your home. If you’re looking to add some light in your outdoor space, you should invest in a lamppost. Our lampposts are also on breakaway posts, and they are great for gas lights, electric, and torches. You can choose from a variety of shapes and styles.

Pavilions and Pergolas

Whether you have walls enclosing your outdoor space or not, adding a roof is a game-changer. A pavilion or pergola provides shade and style, and it also protects you from rain, storms, winter weather, sun, and more. A pergola is a structure that consists of parallel columns and an open, flat roof of girders and cross rafters. A pavilion is open and includes a roof. Both of these are ornamental and beautiful, and they bring together an outdoor space like never before. With IBD Outdoor Rooms, the possibilities are endless.

Custom Structures

Not sure a pavilion or pergola are right for you? IBD Outdoor Rooms also designs custom structures. A design expert can assist you in visualizing and implementing the perfect design to meet your needs and bring your vision to life.

IBD Outdoor Rooms also ships ready to build products that are high-quality, durable, and ready-to-finish. Once you know the type of product you want to build, it’s time to place your order and get a professional. Even though our products are ready to go and detailed instructions, it’s important to hire a certified contractor to complete the job. This is for the safety codes, include warranties and guarantees, and adhere to your homeowners insurance policy. Let us help turn your outdoor space into a dream space! Call 704-960-4530.

Bring the Party to Your Yard this Fall With a New Fire Pit

Fall is here, and no matter where you are, it’s never too late in the season to enjoy a nice fire pit. You can bring your yard to life with a new fire pit that compliments your landscape and house, fits in your space, and is affordable and durable. You’re one step away from having the outdoor space of your dreams! Choose a fire pit from IBD Outdoor Rooms and transform your yard into the go-to party place of the neighborhood.The perfect round firepit for your home this fall.

Location, Location, Location!

It’s important to choose the best location for your new fire pit. If you are in the beginning planning stages of your outdoor space, you have more freedom here. If, however, you already have a patio, pool area, or garden, you may just need to decide where to place the fire pit within that space. Maybe you already have a basic fire pit you’ve been using temporarily. Then you need to decide what size and shape of fire pit you need.

Gas Fire Pits

At IBD Outdoor Rooms, we specialize in gas powered fire pits. The environmental benefits, safety, and efficiency of gas-powered fires make them the best choice for our customers. They can be fired in moments, extinguished immediately, and each have precise temperature and flame controls. Gas fire pits also don’t “smoke-out” your friends and family as you lounge by the fire, and there’s no ashes to clean up. It’s easy to choose a gas fire, but homeowners also have the choice of designs, sizes, and finishes to complete the fire pit of your dream space.

Working with IBD Outdoor Rooms

–Choose a shape that we have in stock, or choose a custom design that fits your space and needs specifically.
Wedge (perfect for corner placement!)
Tall pedestal
–Choose a burner size that matches the capacity you want for your fire pit. We do not manufacture or supply a specific burner, but a professional can assist you in choosing one when you plan your fire pit with us.
19 inches
25 inches
–Complete the job by choosing a finish that will compliment your landscape and your home. We ship products “ready to finish” and offer two beautiful options.

Your Finished Fire Pit

When the fire pit that you choose arrives to your house, it will be ready to finish. We do not offer installations and encourage our customers to hire a certified contractor to complete the installation. For your fire pit, make sure you seek out a NFI certified chimney and fireplace technician to complete your installation safely and efficiently.

Are you ready to choose your new fire pit now so that you can enjoy it this fall?

Call us at 704-960-4530 and we’ll turn your fantasy into reality!