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Invest in a Garden Fireplace

It’s that time of year again. Fireflies are lighting up the night, friends are hanging out long into the evening, and your garden is in full bloom. All you need to bring your patio space together is a garden fireplace. IBD Outdoor Rooms has just what you’re looking for.

Variety and Style

Invest in a Garden Fireplace - Concord NC - IBD Outdoor RoomsAt IBD Outdoor Rooms, we strive to bring your outdoor dream space to reality starting with a new garden fireplace. These fireplaces are designed specifically to fit into your outdoor spaces. You can choose the size, fuel type, and even the finish. In fact, you can order your garden fireplace unfinished and choose your own finish to complete the look for your landscape. You can also order the granitech finish. These fireplaces burn gas, biofuel, or gel fuel and comes vented or vent-free.

Despite the alternative fuel, these fireplaces still offer a realistic flame and lifelike logs. It offers all the aesthetics you’re looking for in a fireplace. Using these alternative methods of fuel offer a convenience that is perfect for summer and the outdoors. A wood fire can get too large and too hot for a summer gathering, especially when you have a big group. Gas, biofuel, and gel fuel gives homeowners better control of the flame, and it also saves you the hassle of chopping, hauling, and lighting wood.

Choosing Your Garden Fireplace

When you are ready to tackle your outdoor space, we are here to help you pick out the perfect garden fireplace. We sell garden fireplace cabinet with or without the front hearth or side hearth, and we also sell the chase that tops it off. You can choose from the Classique chase, Stratford chase, Tuscan chase, or Venetian chase. Once you choose right the cabinet and chase for you, you can work with a fireplace expert at IBD Outdoor Rooms to choose the best chase shroud for your new unit. Don’t forget to check out the veranda garden fireplaces too!

Installing Your New Fireplace

All of the IBD Outdoor Rooms products are shipped and ready to construct. We do not recommend for our customers install these products themselves. Find a local NFI certified chimney and fireplace technician to help complete your project. Not only will hiring a professional ensure your product is constructed correctly, but most professionals also guarantee their work.

Don’t wait any longer to enjoy your outdoor space. Call our professionals at IBD Outdoor Rooms at 704-960-4530 to get started now. We would love to help make your dream outdoor space a reality!

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Enhance Your Outdoor Space With A Pergola

A sure-fire way to enhance your yard, increase your property value, and create your dream space is to invest in a pergola. A pergola can transform simple patio furniture into a place to relax or entertain. It’s not a stuffy room, and it’s not a pavilion that will block out the stars. You can even enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from beneath a well-constructed pergola during all seasons.

Pergola or Pavilion

Often confused with a pavilion, a pergola is a structure that consists of parallel columns supporting an open, flat roof of girders and cross rafters. A pavilion is similar, but has a full roof. Some homeowners actually prefer to have both, as pergolas are growing in popularity. They are ideal for gardens and flowered patio areas, as they allow sunlight and weather to pass through the roof. This is not an option for pavilions.

IBD Outdoor Rooms Builds the Best Pergolas

At IBD Outdoor Rooms we are proud to build the best pergolas because we take care to choose the best materials, designs, manufacturers, and assembly. We don’t want your experience to be a negative one. One thing that can ruin your dream space quicker than anything is a bad assembly experience or incorrect assembly that results in damaged property or injured persons. That’s why we take every opportunity to perfect and streamline our system.

The Best Wood

At IBD Outdoor Rooms, customer satisfaction is our main goal, so we can build from any wood species you prefer. However, for the best combination of price, color, longevity, and finish quality, we know that Douglas Fir is the best, and it’s our standard material. Other manufacturers may charge more for the type of clear fir we use, but we partner with the best manufacturers to offer the best “free of heart” heavy timbers that offer the most beautiful finished product.

Our Superior Designs

The design staff at IBD Outdoor Rooms offers several standard designs and sizes that allow for easy assembly yet have subtle touches that enhance the elegance of the structure. We work with customers to find the design that best suits your need and your space. We also have several talented and experienced designers on staff who can help you custom design a pergola.

Quality Manufacturers

We use the best technologies to transform whole logs into beautiful structures. These technologies help us to keep costs down and still allows for the touch of our skilled artisans to create the elegant look many desire in an outdoor structure.

Ready to Assemble Pergolas

With our system of manufacturing, packaging, and labeling, you can put your pergola up easier than ever. You start with the post base and then follow the numbers to erect the unit. The boards are bundled in reverse order so that the piece you need next is next in the stack. There is no trimming needed, and all fasteners and plugs are included for securing the structure together.

With our streamlined system, affordable prices, easy assembly, and beautiful products there’s no reason not to invest in a pergola. Purchase now and yours can be ready for fall festivities!

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Choosing the Right Finish For Your Outdoor Kitchen

While you’re planning your dream space outside you don’t want to leave anything to chance. The appliances, fire pits, counters, and patio flooring should all fit together to your liking. The materials you use can determine the beauty, safety, and comfort of your outdoor kitchen—even the life of the kitchen. You want materials that are rated for outdoors, durable, scratch resistant, and stain resistant.

When you have come to the end of your outdoor kitchen design, the finishing touch is the finish itself. IBD Outdoor Rooms offers two beautiful options that come in a variety of designs and colors. While deciding, consider what you’ll be doing in your outdoor kitchen. Would you benefit from a smooth finish? Would stone match your space more perfectly? The price is always a factor as well. An IBD Outdoor Room associate can answer questions regarding price anytime you’d like to call.


Granitech base is pure natural granite granules that are mixed with a clear polymer. This allows the granite to bond to the substrate. This finish is a six step process that results in a durable and beautiful, natural finish. For a specific color you can bring a sample to one of our experts and they can produce any desired color using a two week process of color matching. Once the product is finished, it is low maintenance and should last the life of the unit.

  • First, the IBD component is sealed with adhesive at all joints and fasteners to insure a smooth, secure base.
  • Next, a primer is applied for a flawless surface.
  • Your technician will use a trowel to apply the first coat of granite and polymers over the unit.
  • When the first coat is dry, the technician will apply a second coat of granite and polymers, this time under pressure to create proper texture.
  • When this second coat is dried, your technician will apply IBD’s unique seal coat to lock the granite on as an “overcoat” which reduces scratches and stains.

Stone and Brick

Many homeowners opt for the more traditional outdoor look of brick and stone. With stone finish we are better able to match to the terrain if desired. The Granitech offers nine beautiful options, but the possibilities with stone are seemingly endless. While you’re making plans for your outdoor kitchen, consider the benefits of each finish, the durability of both, and both installations.

IBD Outdoor Rooms only sells the best products rated for outdoor use and provides professional installation every time.

You can start by viewing our photo gallery and calling to make your appointment—the first step toward your dream outdoor space.

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Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Kitchen

When you start thinking of spring cleaning and warm weather, you often think of improvements you’d like to make. If an outdoor kitchen is on your list, you should make sure it’s an investment you want to make. If you decide to build an outdoor kitchen you want to start planning now, so that you can use it when warm weather hits.

The Cons

  • PRICE: Any investment in your property is going to cost money. Since you need specific appliances, cabinetry, and seating made of
    durable outdoor materials, you will have to pay for those. Furniture, flooring, and a heat source like a fireplace or fire pit is also a necessity for an outdoor space. Depending on your location and climate, you may decide to construct a room with walls and even a roof. All of these things cost money.
  • WEATHER: Depending on where you live, you may have long periods of time when you are unable to enjoy your outdoor kitchen due to weather. You will also need to weatherize your outdoor kitchen if you don’t plan to use it through winter. If you don’t have a roof on your outdoor space you are also limited to using it only on days of nice weather.
  • ACCESSIBLE TO THIEVES AND CRITTERS: If you have expensive appliances outside, then other people can tamper with, damage, or steal your property. This doesn’t always have to be on purpose. A neighbor can light a harmless fire in your outdoor fireplace that results in an accidental burn, leaving you with an insurance claim! An outdoor kitchen can also be damaged by animals seeking a warm, dry shelter for the night—or the season. It’s important to adequately prepare your outdoor kitchen to prevent such visitors.

The Pros

  • INCREASING PROPERTY VALUE: If you’re looking to sell or refinance, an outdoor kitchen can do the trick, pushing your property value over the threshold you’re striving for. For the money you spend on the outdoor space, you will get back that and more if you sell in the future. A beautiful outdoor space also increases curb appeal.
  • ENTERTAINING: If you’re a socialite, you might value this factor more than others. An outdoor kitchen means you can entertain any amount of people comfortable. You don’t have to worry about crowding your friends into your house.
  • COOKING MESSES STAY OUTDOORS: Not only can you do all of your entertaining in your outdoor space (weather permitting), but you benefit from having a separate cooking area that doesn’t leave your own kitchen a mess after a big gathering. You can even install a composting system as part of your outdoor kitchen to help with your cleanup and benefit the environment.
  • ODORS AND SMOKE STAY OUTSIDE: Having a fish fry doesn’t mean your house has to smell like fish. Cooking for a large group doesn’t mean your kitchen fills with smoke. These things stay outside when you have an outdoor kitchen to use!
  • HEAT STAYS OUTSIDE: Not only does the heat from cooking stay outside when you have an outdoor kitchen, but you can also enjoy cool spring and fall evenings—even winter—when you have an outdoor space with a fire pit.


Your outdoor kitchen won’t affect your home’s interior in the least, which is the best perk of all. You shouldn’t dwell on the cost or the upkeep of your outdoor kitchen, because it benefits everyone. Built well, an outdoor kitchen will withstand the test of time, and be useful for many years.

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Consider a Gas Fire Pit to Update Your Outdoor Living Space

As summer is drawing to an end, you may be wondering how to extend the use of your outdoor living space. You are loving being able to spend more time relaxing with your family and friends on your patio or outdoor kitchen space so much that you are thinking of ways to add a source of heat to the space. IBD Outdoor Rooms would like to help you provide warmth to your outdoor living space with a new gas fire pit that will allow you to hang out on the patio despite cooler temperatures. We can design the perfect fire pit housing in various shapes for various building materials that will match with the decor of your existing outdoor living space. You can choose from octagonal, round, square, wedge, oval and rectangular shapes, and we also offer a Stratford design and a tall pedestal table housing. We would like to tell you why we recommend choosing a fire pit as a way to provide heat to your outdoor room by sharing a couple of the most popular benefits of adding this feature.

Convenience of use

Although sitting around a wood-burning fire outdoors can be very atmospherically pleasing, it can be quite challenging to get the fire going quickly. The wind can make it difficult to ignite a fire, and it can also blow wood fires completely out. You also must have a supply of firewood for fuel for every fire, which means you have to have a proper storage location. With a gas fire pit, you can conveniently start up the flames in seconds with no problems by simply flipping a switch or push a button on a remote control. The Landscaping Network recommends gas fire pits for outdoor living spaces because you will be able to spend more time enjoying the fire because you will not have to spend time struggling to get a fire lighter or doing maintenance chores such as bringing in firewood and sweeping up ashes off of your patio.

Safe and clean fires

One of the best things about a gas fire pit is that you will not have to worry about smoke bothering anyone as you relax around the fire with your family and friends. A wood-burning fire can produce a lot of smoke, which can be both an annoyance and a health hazard. If you have experienced a smoky outdoors fire, you know that the smell can be absorbed by your clothes. While the scent of wood burning is pleasant, you do not want to smell like a campfire. Wood fires can also be hazardous when hot sparks and embers jump out of the fire. This can lead to someone being burned or even to an accidental fire. Hot sparks and embers are not produced by a gas fire, so you can truly relax without worrying about that hazard. In addition, the fires you will enjoy from your gas fire pit burn much cleaner with fewer fumes than wood fires, so you can also cross pollution off the list of concerns you could have with a wood fire pit.

Adding a gas fire pit to your outdoor living space increases the time you can enjoy that space and adds value to your home. Contact us at IBD Outdoor Rooms to learn more about how we can design the gas fire pit of your dreams.

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