Outdoor Accessories for Your Wishlist

While you’re writing up your Christmas list for Santa—or your husband or wife—don’t forget your dream space outside of the house! Temperatures are dropping and you may be using your outdoor kitchen less than ever, so it’s a great time to improve it with some accessories that will last. Shop IBD Outdoor Rooms and we’ll ship your ready-to-build products right to your door and you can have them installed according to your budget, your contractor’s schedule, and the weather in your area. After carefully choosing the accessories that will turn your outdoor space into a fantasy dream space, it will arrive ready-to-build with detailed drawings and schematics that will make building and installation a breeze for your certified contractor.

Outdoor accessoriesOutdoor Kitchen Accessories We Love

Whether you have an expansive outdoor kitchen with long countertops and ample space for cooking and eating or a smaller kitchen with just enough space to barbecue for your small family, our favorite kitchen accessories add the perfect touch. Even if your outdoor space seems finished, these little details will give you the exact look and feel you need for it to feel complete.

  • Cabinet Liner – When you want the space, but you don’t like the look of the open, behind-the-scenes space of an unfinished cabinet, finish it! The cabinet liner comes as a fully finished bottom, back, and side to creates a space for your cooking supplies, utensils, and foods.
  • Cabinet Tray – If you plan to fill the cabinet space with a full unit, you can purchase a cabinet tray that has a supportive bottom but doesn’t need the finished back and sides. This is something you would use if you intend to install an appliance of some kind in the space.
  • Aluminum Liner – For a clean, commercial look, you can choose an aluminum liner for your cabinet space. These liners are easy to wipe clean and keep clean, they don’t deteriorate due to water damage, and work well with the IBD cabinet liner.
  • Caveat Drop – Instead of having to walk around your kitchen island and sometimes even exit your outdoor kitchen completely to access your grill, you can choose a caveat drop that will accommodate a power burner or a ceramic kamado grill. This allows for your grill to be part of your kitchen and at arm’s reach for easy cooking.
  • Grill Support – For heavy grills, you can install interior support that keeps them from settling or damaging your kitchen island. This support will allow for your grill to be at counter level but may require access through the cabinet structure for ventilation or gas lines.
  • Vent Covers – These are required to vent the cabinetry in order to prevent moisture damage and to provide ventilation for grills, ovens, and stoves. They are fitted nicely with the stone finish when initially installed and work well with any style or design. Stainless steel vent covers go nicely with stainless steel appliances and cast concrete vent covers can be stained to match any wood or stone type.
  • Electrical Junction Boxes – For safety and accessibility, a weather-resistant outdoor junction box can be wired into the cabinetry, per sketch, and on vertical surfaces for easy access. These can be recessed to match the facing material or finish.
  • Umbrella Support and Collar – This stainless steel collar will finish off your umbrella or torch with stable support at the inside of your island. If you don’t have a roof for your outdoor space this is an ideal way to protect yourself and your guests from solar rays while enjoying the outdoor kitchen.

When you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor space for a fully functional and complete look, you can choose from a variety of accessories and options from IBD Outdoor Rooms. Shop now and you can spend the winter and spring completing all the finishing touches with a certified and licensed contractor in your area. Then you and your family can enjoy the patio, poolside, or garden area in style.

Other Stylish Add-Ons

Looking for other ways to add a little pop to your curb appeal? You can purchase our custom lampposts, mailboxes, and more right here and delivered to your door. These special touches will raise your curb appeal, bring up the property value, and help make your home marketable for a refinance or sale. Our mailboxes and lampposts utilize a special break-a-way structure that causes the internal post to break when struck by a car. This decreases property damage and injury in the case of an accident. These structures can be custom made with the special dress-out band, a variety of tops, and finished out with the stone finish of your choice.

Before you spend all your Christmas wishes on things you’ll never use, get something from IBD Outdoor Rooms that provides years of use!

Ask one of our experts how we can help you choose your accessories today by calling 704-960-4530. Browse some of our favorite designs for inspiration here.

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