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What Exactly Is a Quick Chase?

At IBD Outdoor Rooms, we specialize in improving the appearance of the outside of your home, including creating outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, pergolas, and pavilions. We also offer some extra services, and one of these is the design and construction of a quick chase. You may wonder exactly what a quick chase is, so we would like to tell you more about this service we provide.

What is a quick chase?What Exactly is a Quick Chase - IBD Outdoor Rooms - Concord, NC

If you have a prefabricated chimney, you know that it consists of metal pipes. Many people do not like the looks of the metal pipe coming through the roof and have a chase designed and constructed to cover the pipe so that it looks like a regular chimney. Our designers at IBD Outdoor Rooms came up with the idea of a quick chase that can be easily constructed to quickly build a chase for prefabricated chimneys. Our quick chase fills the need for not only the new construction of a prefabricated chimney, but it can also be used as part of a retrofit application of an appliance and as a replacement for a damaged and rotted old chase.

How does the construction of this quick chase work?

Our quick chase product is available in a couple of different configurations. We have a custom configuration which depends on the installer’s measurements of the pitch of the roof, the outside dimensions and the height of the quick chase, and the projection and size of the top band that we will build into the quick chase. We also have a two-part system of quick chases that comes with a pitch adapter, which allows the easy adjustment for common pitches.

How is the quick chase constructed?

Our quick chases are constructed with concrete boards that are adaptable for veneer stone, veneer brick, or stucco to bond directly to the board. Our staff at IBD Outdoor Rooms can help you select the facing that will work best for your home. All of our quick chases are built with stainless steel flashing that is attached to the framing members and inserted behind the exterior concrete boards. This flashing will protect your quick chase from water penetration that can cause damage and deterioration.

Do you also make chase covers?

Yes, IBD Outdoor Rooms will manufacture and ship a chase cover with your quick chase unit. We make chase covers from hot dip or paint grip galvanized metal, stainless steel, and copper. Your chase cover will be custom made to perfectly fit your quick chase to protect it from the elements of weather.

Want more information about our quick chase services? Contact us at IBD Outdoor Rooms to find out more about improving the appearance of your house.

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What is a Quick Chase?

Do you want a quick fix to your unattractive, plain, existing chase? A quick chase system is your answer to that.

Do you want a quick fix to your unattractive, plain, existing chase? A quick chase system is your answer to that.

Question: What is a quick chase system?

At IBD Outdoor Rooms we often get this question from customers and dealers. That’s because the two-part quick chase system is a concept we developed ourselves in response to the need for a factory built chase that could accommodate a new construction as part of an appliance retrofit application. In other words, if you want to conceal a not-so-attractive existing chase—which is essentially a metal chimney attached to a prefabricated fireplace or stove—or to replace a rotted or otherwise damaged chase, you may want to consider our quick chase system, which carries a limited lifetime warranty

A quick chase system is a great solution for a customer who wants an attractive, durable, and safe chase that can be installed quickly. The quick chase is a much higher quality product than the average field-constructed chase and can be finished with weatherproof material like veneer stone, veneer brick, stucco, siding, or other material deigned to weather the outdoor elements and match the materials used on your home or outdoor structure. These materials will conceal your metal chase, making it virtually indistinguishable from a masonry chimney.

In order to make installation of these coverings an easy process, the concrete board used for the exterior of the quick chase is adaptable for veneer stone, veneer brick, or stucco—so that any of these materials can bond directly to the chase without your installer having to use a lathe. This eliminates a step in the normal veneer process. Now you may be able to see why we decided to name this system a “quick” chase. It’s a far easier and faster process for all involved. To bond material to the quick chase, we recommend that installers use a mortar cement manufactured by Brixment that’s called “Stone Hold Cement For Stonework.”

Our quick chase has numerous benefits over field-constructed units. Unlike units that have been built with regular framing, the quick chase is impervious to rot and is made of a non-combustible material, which does away with concerns regarding clearance factors. All metal chimneys and vents should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Contact us to find a dealer or installer near you or if you’re interested in becoming a quick chase dealer yourself.

Lots of Quick Chase Choices

We have two options for our quick chase systems; You may choose a quick chase made of 22-gauge galvanized metal framing that’s covered with ½” concrete board or 22-gauge stainless steel, which is the more costly option. Stainless steel flashing is built into our quick chases, attached to the framing members, and inserted behind the exterior concrete board.

We can also provide custom quick chases, which will address unusual roof pitches and accommodate the outside dimensions, projection, chase height, and size of the top band built into the chase. If you have no need for a custom quick chase, each of our quick chase systems comes wit a “pitch adaptor” that can easily be bolted to your chase to work with common roof pitches, including 2/12 4/12 6/12 8/12, and 10/12 roof pitches.

In addition to the quick chase, IBD also designs chase covers specifically for our quick chases. These are available in hot dip galvanized, paint grip galvanized, stainless steel and copper, and may come with a powder coating of exposed metal. Read more about our quick chases and see photos here.

Our quick chases are but one of the products that make IBD Outdoor Rooms special. We specialize in islands, firepits, fireplaces, wood fired ovens, and timberframe systems, and stand behind all of our products. Check out our selection of outdoor fireplaces today.

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