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Why You Should Choose Our Kamado Kaddy

At IBD Outdoor Rooms, we know how much our customers love their Kamado Joe ceramic grills. As specialists in creating the perfect outdoor kitchen, we have frequently seen these specialty grills. Since we were designing so many outdoor kitchens with Kamado Joe grills, we developed the Kamado Kaddy to integrate these cooking appliances into our designs. We would like to tell you more about why you should choose our specialists to house this grill in our Kamado Kaddy. If you are trying to decide on the type of grill you want for your outdoor kitchen, we will also share with you why our clients love their Kamado Joes so much.

Kamado Kaddy - Concord NC - IBD

Kamado Kaddy

No matter what size of Kamado Joe grill you may have or be considering, IBD Outdoor Rooms can design a Kaddy or a Kradle for it. Our design provides you with a special counter and is available in four different styles: San Juan, Montego, Largo, and Kahuna. We especially like the Kahuna for its round shape. This style allows your family and friends to sit around your Kamado Joe while you show off your grilling expertise. Other styles include storage space and drawers. We can finish all of these four styles with brick, stone, tile, or stucco, and you can choose to have each style additionally finished with our low-maintenance and unique Granitech finish, which is manufactured from pure granules of granite. Our staff will work with you personally to give you exactly what you need in your Kamado Kaddy.

Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills

One of the main reasons our customers choose Kamado Joe ceramic grills when they are planning their outdoor kitchens is the ability to not only grill, but also sear, bake, and smoke. Using charcoal as its fuel, the ceramic construction and unique shape of these grills produce better food with wood-fire flavor. A Kamado Joe can also control its temperature which allows you to use it as a smoker. The long-burning quality of charcoal can cook slowly at low temperatures for up to 12 hours. Conversely, this type of ceramic grill can also generate significant heat — up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. You are able to sear steaks just as well as expensive steakhouses. The temperature control of a Kamado Joe lets you bake anything in this cooking appliance that you would bake in an oven. We have heard that a pizza baked in a Kamado Joe ceramic grill is a delicious experience!

Another plus to the Kamado Joe ceramic grill is its Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System. Replacing the typical grill grate, this two-piece cooking grid and multi-level rack give you two times the cooking space, different heat zones, and custom cooking surfaces. You can even add a Grill Expander that will allow you to cook on three levels. This lets you prepare your entire dinner within your Kamado Joe!

Are you planning an outdoor kitchen? Contact IBD Outdoor Rooms to find out how a Kamado Joe ceramic grill and our Kamado Kaddy will change and improve how you cook.

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Imagine Your Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Just about all of us daydream about ways to take our homes closer to our dream-home vision. But few parts of our homes offer more flexibility and possibility than our outdoor space — which is part of why outdoor kitchens have been getting more and more popular. We don’t have to worry about load-bearing walls and existing ceiling height — aside of the framework of the size of our yard or patio and our budget, we can really dream as big as we want to.

Now's the time to let your imagination and creativity shine. Create that dreamy outdoor kitchen you've always wanted!

Now’s the time to let your imagination and creativity shine. Create that dreamy outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted!

And that’s a big part of why we love what we do at IBD Outdoor Rooms: We get to help make those outdoor kitchen dreams a reality — and do so just about every day!

Create A Kitchen That’s Totally ‘You’

IBD Outdoor Rooms can help you enjoy an outdoor kitchen that’s exactly what you need and want, from the look to the function. From start to finish, your space can be designed to be totally you.


An outdoor kitchen can be a lot more than a grill and some counter space, and IDB’s kitchen island options let you custom-create a kitchen design and setup that perfectly fits your outdoor space, the way you plan to use it and the visual vision you have for it. Place and mix and match our six different basic designs to work with space and shape and your cooking and entertainment needs, and decide on a finished look — including whether you want the island already finished and ready to install, partially finished and ready for final touches, or an unfinished blank slate.


You can take an outdoor kitchen a bunch of different ways. If you want a space designed mostly for entertaining, we can focus on more countertop and dining space. But if cooking is your thing, IBD can accommodate that love in a big way. We can start with our basic kitchen island design and the appliance space they offer, and build from there. Our wood-fired ovens are seriously beautiful and ready for serious pizza baking (and more). We can also build in a Kamado Kaddy or Kradle to comfortably and stylishly house your kamado grill in your new outdoor kitchen.


You might want your kitchen to be totally open to the out of doors, or you might want a little shade or protection from the elements. IBD Outdoor Rooms can suit your preferences to the letter, whichever way you’re leaning. If you’d like a little shade and some added architectural draw, we have a variety of different pergolas and pavilions that can be customized to fit your vision. You can add a simple four-post pergola, or an eye-grabbing Hip Roof Pavilion. Want more coverage? We can deliver everything from cedar-shingled roofs to fabric awnings from Sunbrella.

Beyond The Basics

Our intent at IDB is to help you turn fantasy into reality — and if that fantasy includes taking your outdoor kitchen even further with some cool fire features, we can help there too! Want something more bold and modern? Our Art of Fire fireplaces¬†are just that — works of art that also provide the warmth of fire. We carry everything you’ll need to create the perfect outdoor fireplace or fire pit, too, whether that’s small and simple or a major centerpiece!

Do you have a vision for a perfect outdoor kitchen? IBD Outdoor Rooms would love to help make it real. Just give us a call!

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