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We Build Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Islands and More!

Now is the time that homeowners across the U.S. begin to plan their summer festivities. Whether it’s Sunday barbecues or FourthOutdoor Kitchen with Island - IBDODR.com of July block parties, it’s important to have the space you need and the kitchen you want. Outdoor kitchens are growing in popularity—especially among homeowners who like to entertain. With an outdoor kitchen, you can host more guests, you can avoid indoor odors and extra heat by cooking outside. Perhaps your idea of an outdoor kitchen has never been more than a barbecue grill and picnic table on the lawn. IBD Outdoor Rooms is here to turn your fantasy into reality, and that means turning your outdoor space into the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Custom outdoor kitchen islands are our specialty, and there are plenty of designs to choose from.

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Islands

In order to bring together your outdoor space, we offer six standard designs for outdoor kitchen islands. These designs range from straight, angled, U-shaped, L-shaped, and custom or serpentine-curved. These island designs come with a standard amount of cutouts in which homeowners might install cabinetry or appliances. They also may include additional cutouts, cabinet liners, caveats, electrical boxes, dining ledges, and backsplashes. When designing with IBD Outdoor Rooms, you can mix and match any of our luxury outdoor kitchen island designs to accommodate your space perfectly. All of our kitchen islands arrive to your home unfinished, ready to finish and install to your liking and with the contractor of your choice.

Accessories and Options to Consider

When you have decided on the basic shape of your new outdoor kitchen island you can begin to look at the rest of the details that will bring it all together. In addition to basic designs, we also offer options including a rounded dining end which can accommodate a fire pit or ice bucket, a dining ledge priced per linear foot, tile top extensions, and additional length, cut-ins, and height. Looking for roofing for your outdoor kitchen? You can add a post hole to the frame of your island to accommodate a pergola or pavilion style structure post.

Wood-Fired Ovens

Your kitchen may have a stovetop or grill surface, but no outdoor space is quite complete without a wood-fired oven. Not only will it provide heat to the guests, but it allows yet another cooking space for all the food prep and entertaining alike. Forget pizza—your wood-fired oven can cook all types of food. Bake, roast, or grill! Let this ancient art slowly cook all your favorite recipes so they’re delicious and nutritious. Not sure if a wood-fired oven will fit your space? These too are unfinished and can be installed and finished to your liking. Make sure you call and secure a general contractor for your installation so that the work is done according to your municipal safety codes and that your units will be safe and work properly.

Are you on the fence about your outdoor space? Not sure if you have enough room to warrant a purchase such as an outdoor kitchen island? Check out some of these outdoor kitchens for inspiration.

Call IBD Outdoor Rooms to get started with your order today. Our products are made in the U.S.A. and delivered to your doorstep.

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We Can Build a Wood-Fired Oven for You

When you think of an outdoor kitchen, most people think of a grill, a counter top, and maybe a sink. At IBD Outdoor Rooms, we consider all the possibilities when it comes to the outdoor spaces. We want your dream space to not only be functional but also beautiful. You probably  already know we install fireplaces for your outdoor space, but did you know we can also install a wood-fired oven too?

A fireplace is usually the focal point, whether it’s at a campsite, a living room, or a backyard. When you choose a wood-fired oven, you get the best of both worlds–a beautiful fireplace and a functional oven. It will definitely be the star of all your summer gatherings.

Dual-Use Fireplace

A fireplace adds vibrancy and beauty to any space or gathering. However, adding an wood-fired oven will create even more opportunities to entertain this summer. It is also called a “wood fired pizza oven”, this oven make delicious cooking possible without making any of your household kitchen items or kitchen dirty. The oven can preheat while you sit around the fire with your guests! You won’t be wasting any electricity when using this outdoor oven. And you’re not wasting gas for your grill as the fire you are enjoying is also heating your oven.

Quality Cooking

Wood-fired ovens offer faster cooking than any grills or any conventional ovens. The even heat distribution not only cooks your food faster, but it also creates a unique boost of flavor. This type of baking also helps the foods retain their nutrients. Whether you’re baking a pizza or roasting vegetables, you can count on it being healthier!

IBD Wood-Fired Ovens

When you consider us for your outdoor space updates or renovations, we won’t stop until your dreams become a reality. Once you decide the style that fits your space and personality, IBD Outdoor Rooms will order it and have it shipped to our facilities, then we will install it at our factory. Finally, we will ship the item to you in a contained unit, ready to install in your new outdoor space.

All of our products are carefully designed and assembled so they are ready for you when they arrive at your home. However, you should consult a certified contractor for the installation, especially for any fire-related products. Finding an NFI-certified chimney and fireplace technician will ensure your wood-fired oven will be installed safely and properly.

Call IBD Outdoor Rooms at 704-960-4530 or contact us online to get started right now!

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We Can Create Your Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Do you love grilling outdoors on your deck or patio? If so, you may be considering upgrading your backyard cooking and dining area to the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. At IBD Outdoor Rooms, we specialize in creating outdoor kitchens and other outdoor living spaces. We can work with you to design exactly what you want and need to be able to fully enjoy spending time outside with your family and friends. We would like to tell you more about the types of services we provide to our customers to help you plan your perfect outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen with Island - IBDODR.com

Outdoor Kitchen Islands

We started our business designing outdoor kitchen islands, and we continue to specialize in this area. We work hard to be sure that your island will work in the outdoor space you choose, fits your decor, and meets all safety requirements and local building codes. We offer six different basic designs that can be customized, mixed, and matched to accommodate your outdoor kitchen area. No matter which of these six designs you choose, we can make any adjustments or additions you need to create your ultimate outdoor kitchen island. We will carefully take every measurement to ensure the plans are drawn exactly to scale to be sure your island is correctly designed from the beginning. We can incorporate your grill into the island, even if you have a Kamado-style cooker such as the Big Green Egg. We also provide both stainless steel and Naturecast cabinet units to give you the storage area you need in your outdoor kitchen for convenience and aesthetic purposes.

Wood-Fired Ovens

If you have always wanted to cook a wood-fired pizza at home, IBD Outdoor Rooms can design the perfect wood-fired oven unit for your outdoor kitchen. With five different design options, we can also add extra components to your wood-fired oven, such as a wider base cabinet and a firewood holder. The added bonus of having a wood-fired oven in your outdoor kitchen is that it can be used as a fireplace throughout the year, which allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space even when the temperatures drop.

Outdoor Fireplaces

To add the perfect focal point to your outdoor kitchen, IBD Outdoor Rooms can design a fireplace or fire pit that suits your tastes. We even offer eclectic Art of Fire fireplaces that will give your backyard a unique and artsy look. We do strongly recommend that you hire a chimney and fireplace technician who is certified by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) or the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) to install any fireplace or fire pit we have designed. This will protect you for important safety reasons because these technicians know exactly what they are doing. Additionally, many manufacturers’ warranties will be voided if you do not hire a certified technician to do the installation job.

Considering an outdoor kitchen? Contact IBD Outdoor Rooms to learn more about your options to create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

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Why You Should Add a Wood Fired Oven to Your Outdoor Living Space

Creating the ultimate dream backyard living space is one of our specialties at IBD Outdoor Rooms. From outdoor fireplaces to outdoor kitchen islands, we can design and build the perfect outdoor spot for your home. When we have customers who are planning their outdoor kitchens as well as customers who want to update their current outdoor kitchen area, one feature we recommend installing is a wood fired oven component that will be custom built to fit the oven of your choice. After you select your oven, it will be sent to IBD Outdoor Rooms to be installed into the component and then shipped to you in one contained unit. We would like to share with you why you should consider equipping your outdoor kitchen, patio, or deck with a wood fired oven.

Outdoor Wood Fired Oven - IBD Outdoor

What is the history of the wood fired oven?

According to The Alternative Daily, many different cultures have used wood fired ovens since ancient times, but the most famous ovens are the ones that were designed by the ancient Romans. Still found in homes across Italy, these wood fired ovens resemble a large round chamber with an opening in the front for venting. These ovens are constructed from stone or terra cotta brick.

I know I can make great pizza in a wood fired oven. What other foods can I cook in this type of oven?

You can cook just about anything in a wood fired oven. This type of oven is great for baking bread, roasting chicken, meat, and vegetables, and baking casseroles

Why is pizza so good when it is baked in a wood fired oven?

The secret has to do with the high temperatures achieved in a wood fired oven. A wood fired oven can get as hot as 700 degrees, and this allows rapid rise spring to the dough. This rapid rise produces a crust with dimension and structure. If you like your pizza crust to be crispy yet tender, you will love being able to bake pizza in your new outdoor wood fired oven.

What is the best advantage of using a wood fired oven?

According to many renowned chefs all over the world, the greatest benefit of roasting and baking anything in a wood fired oven is the even distribution of high heat. A metal oven can only get as hot as 500 degrees, and, even worse, it cannot retain that heat because the heat gets reflected off the walls. A wood fired oven that is constructed from clay, brick, ceramic, or tile can keep temperatures up to 700 degrees and will radiate these high temperatures evenly over time. The evenness of the heat distribution adds to the flavor of what is being baked or roasted.

What are other advantages to using a wood fired oven?

Other than giving food an enhanced flavor, wood fired ovens give you versatility, ambiance, and reliability. Your friends and family will enjoy the complete sensory experience of sitting by the stove while your food is cooking.

If you are interested in adding a wood fired oven to your outdoor living space, contact IBD Outdoor Rooms. We can help you make this project a success.

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Tell Me About Wood Fired Ovens

Give your taste buds a treat. Get wood fired oven installed in your outdoor kitchen.

Give your taste buds a treat. Get wood fired oven installed in your outdoor kitchen.

Whenever we meet a food-loving client who’s interested in creating or updating their outdoor room, our first thought is: Wood Fired Oven. If you’re really into cooking — or eating — a wood fired oven not only gives you a whole new world of culinary options, it makes your outdoor living space that much more beautiful and functional, too.

At IBD Outdoor Rooms, we specialize in installing and designing unique and custom-completed wood fired ovens that suit our clients’ preferences, space and plans to the letter. We start with factory-built modular components, completing a basic size and shape that meets your taste and needs, go through add-ons that made your oven that much more fine-tuned to what you like and how you plan to use it, and then we finish it to become a gorgeous (and durable) part of your home. We absolutely love to design and install outdoor fireplaces, but if you really want to stretch your gastronomic legs, a wood fired oven brings warmth and charm with flexibility to make tons of amazing meals as a bonus.

What Kind Of Cooking Can We Do In A Wood Fired Oven?

Lots of folks think wood fired ovens are specifically for pizza. That’s partially true — you can make some amazing pizza in your oven, since the best pizza crust really needs to be cooked up crisp quickly and at super high heat, which a wood fired oven does exceptionally well. But your cooking options certainly don’t stop at pizza. Bake bread, roast vegetables and meats, make salmon steaks that’ll wow dinner guests, stews, sandwiches, desserts… Just about anything you might make in your regular oven can be made in your wood fired oven, and we might be biased, but we think everything comes out even better. Plus, when you’re entertaining, you don’t end up running in and out while everyone’s enjoying each other’s company in your outdoor room.

Can My Wood Fired Oven Serve As A Fireplace Too?

Absolutely — you don’t have to cook in it to enjoy it. You can still circle around and enjoy the warmth and ambience, maybe make some s’mores if you felt moved to. A wood fired oven is kind of like having the best of both worlds — a fireplace when you want it, an oven to cook in when you want that too.

Can A Wood Fired Oven Be Part Of An Outdoor Kitchen?

Your wood fired oven can be the centerpiece of a complete outdoor kitchen, absolutely — and we also specialize in designing and building outdoor kitchens at IBD. We can help develop a kitchen island that perfectly suits your needs, whether that’s really basic or just as fleshed-out with amenities as your indoor kitchen. Just tell us what your vision for an outdoor kitchen is, and we’ll help make it happen!

Do you have any questions about wood fired ovens or how they might fit into your outdoor-room vision? We’d love to talk you through it. Just give IBD Outdoor Rooms a call!

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