Tell Me About Wood Fired Ovens

Give your taste buds a treat. Get wood fired oven installed in your outdoor kitchen.

Give your taste buds a treat. Get wood fired oven installed in your outdoor kitchen.

Whenever we meet a food-loving client who’s interested in creating or updating their outdoor room, our first thought is: Wood Fired Oven. If you’re really into cooking — or eating — a wood fired oven not only gives you a whole new world of culinary options, it makes your outdoor living space that much more beautiful and functional, too.

At IBD Outdoor Rooms, we specialize in installing and designing unique and custom-completed wood fired ovens that suit our clients’ preferences, space and plans to the letter. We start with factory-built modular components, completing a basic size and shape that meets your taste and needs, go through add-ons that made your oven that much more fine-tuned to what you like and how you plan to use it, and then we finish it to become a gorgeous (and durable) part of your home. We absolutely love to design and install outdoor fireplaces, but if you really want to stretch your gastronomic legs, a wood fired oven brings warmth and charm with flexibility to make tons of amazing meals as a bonus.

What Kind Of Cooking Can We Do In A Wood Fired Oven?

Lots of folks think wood fired ovens are specifically for pizza. That’s partially true — you can make some amazing pizza in your oven, since the best pizza crust really needs to be cooked up crisp quickly and at super high heat, which a wood fired oven does exceptionally well. But your cooking options certainly don’t stop at pizza. Bake bread, roast vegetables and meats, make salmon steaks that’ll wow dinner guests, stews, sandwiches, desserts… Just about anything you might make in your regular oven can be made in your wood fired oven, and we might be biased, but we think everything comes out even better. Plus, when you’re entertaining, you don’t end up running in and out while everyone’s enjoying each other’s company in your outdoor room.

Can My Wood Fired Oven Serve As A Fireplace Too?

Absolutely — you don’t have to cook in it to enjoy it. You can still circle around and enjoy the warmth and ambience, maybe make some s’mores if you felt moved to. A wood fired oven is kind of like having the best of both worlds — a fireplace when you want it, an oven to cook in when you want that too.

Can A Wood Fired Oven Be Part Of An Outdoor Kitchen?

Your wood fired oven can be the centerpiece of a complete outdoor kitchen, absolutely — and we also specialize in designing and building outdoor kitchens at IBD. We can help develop a kitchen island that perfectly suits your needs, whether that’s really basic or just as fleshed-out with amenities as your indoor kitchen. Just tell us what your vision for an outdoor kitchen is, and we’ll help make it happen!

Do you have any questions about wood fired ovens or how they might fit into your outdoor-room vision? We’d love to talk you through it. Just give IBD Outdoor Rooms a call!

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