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Start The New Year Off Right! Let Us Help You Plan For A New Outdoor Fireplace!

You may not be planning for your summer activities yet, but imagine a new outdoor space to host a get-together, relax into the cool evening, and watch Fourth of July fireworks with the family. You can start the New Year off right by planning your new outdoor fireplace today. Avoid the spring rush by choosing your fireplace and planning your installation now.

First Thing’s First

Imagine your space. There are many styles of outdoor fireplaces available and IBD Outdoor Rooms offers the best garden fireplaces, wall fireplaces, and fire pits on the market. Our professionals can match you with the perfect fireplace to fit your space in size, style, and function.

  • THE GARDEN FIREPLACE is designed to fit into small areas and are designed to burn gas, biofuel, or gel fuel only. They can also be vent-free or vented, allowing for versatility. These fireplaces offer adequate heat for outdoor entertaining and a beautiful feature for your garden or patio space.
  • RINNAI WALL UNITS are designed for spaces that have divider walls or where larger units are needed. These gas appliances offer a beautiful gas flame and high heat output for those cool evenings in Spring, or less heat for the warmer evenings of summer.
  • THE FIRE PIT comes in various shapes and sizes to fit your specific need. The octagonal fire pit housing is our most popular selection at IBD Outdoor Rooms. It features a fully welded corrosion resistant frame and 1/2 cement board covering. We also offer round, square, wedge, oval, and rectangular fire pit housings, as well as stratford and pedestal fire pit housings, which stand up from the ground.

Our outdoor fireplaces are available in Grinitech and stone finishes which can be matched to your outdoor space perfectly. If you haven’t planned your outdoor space beyond your fireplace, we have everything you should need to complete your dream space. You can choose from a variety of posting, roofing, rafters, and anatomy to create a custom structure that fits any space and any need.

Choose IBD!

At IBD Outdoor Rooms we offer only industry-trusted brands rated for outdoor use with professional installation and maintenance. We want our customers to enjoy an outdoor living space no matter what time of year. That’s why maintaining the highest level of safety and beauty with every addition is important to us!  In doing this, we want out customers to return to IBD for all their needs. And, in addition, because they are fully satisfied with our service and products.

We have a technician standing by to begin this journey with you. Ready to start your search for the outdoor space of your dreams? Then visit our gallery to view pictures of our best work. One of these fireplaces could be yours!

Get started today by calling IBD Outdoor Rooms at 704-960-4530.

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Outdoor Wood-Burning Fireplaces Are Terrific!

Do you have good memories of sitting around by the campfire as a kid? Does the smell of burning wood take you back to those days? Not only is it nice to be reminded of those times, It can be very relaxing to unwind at the end of the day in front of a wood-burning fire in your backyard. If this sounds good to you, IBD Outdoor Rooms can easily turn this into your reality by installing an outdoor wood-burning estate fireplace by your patio, on your deck or porch, or as a free-standing gathering place in your yard. We would like to tell you more about the benefits of adding this kind of fireplace to your outdoor living space.

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If you love the sounds of crackling wood and the smell of it burning, you already know how much a wood-burning fireplace can improve any atmosphere. For fans of wood-burning fires, a gas fireplace cannot take the place of the sensory experience of burning wood. You might not be happy with an outdoor gas fireplace if you prefer burning wood.


Adding a wood-burning fireplace to your outdoor living area is much less expensive than adding a gas one, especially if you do not have gas lines. It can be quite costly to install gas lines from your gas main to your outdoor fireplace, according to Do It Yourself. Wood-burning fireplaces are also cheaper to construct, so you will be saving money by adding an outdoor wood fireplace instead of an outdoor gas fireplace.


The price of natural gas continues to rise, which can be concerning if you live on a budget. When you do not know how much the cost of gas will be from one month to the next, it makes it hard to set aside an amount of money to pay your gas bill. One of the best things about burning wood is that firewood is relatively inexpensive, and if you have access to it, you can even cut your own firewood for free.

Although a wood-burning outdoor fireplace does require a bit more maintenance such as cleaning up ashes and storing firewood, the benefits can definitely outweigh these drawbacks. If you would like to add a wood-burning fireplace to your outdoor living space, contact us at IBD Outdoor Rooms. Our staff is happy to tell you all about the options we have to give you the outdoor fireplace of your dreams.

Thinking of a Garden Fireplace

If you dream of having an outdoor fireplace but don't have enough space, opt for a garden fireplace instead.

If you dream of having an outdoor fireplace but don’t have enough space, opt for a garden fireplace instead.

Outdoor fireplaces can be grand, elaborate focal points of patios, decks, and outdoor rooms; however, if you do not have the space for a large fireplace in your backyard, you may want to consider a garden fireplace. Smaller designs to fit in small spaces, garden fireplaces can still provide a relaxing entertainment and meditation area for your family and friends without taking up a lot of room. At IBD Outdoor Rooms, we carry gas, biofuel, and gel fuel units in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our garden fireplace kits come in unfinished and finished, including a granitech finish. As with all outdoor fireplaces and landscaping projects, several things must be considered in the design process according to the Landscaping Network website, and we would like to share what you need to think about when planning for a garden fireplace.

● local codes

For safety reasons, you must contact your city planning office to find out the zoning regulations for an outdoor fireplace. These regulations include how far away your garden fireplace must be from any existing structures and how tall the chimney should be in relation to those structures. Building permits, fire codes, and residential ordinances may also apply. You do not want to face any expensive fines, so it is essential to know the laws concerning outdoor fireplaces in your community.

● privacy

As your garden fireplace is meant to be a personal retreat for you, your family, and your friends, privacy should be considered when you are deciding where to build your garden fireplace. One idea is to place your fireplace with its back facing your neighbor’s yard to act as a privacy screen if you do not have a privacy fence. You may want to think about even building a stone wall or enclosure to ensure a secluded area for your garden fireplace.

● wind direction

Another thing to consider when planning where to build your garden fireplace, the wind direction can have a huge effect on how well your fireplace will work. Placing your garden fireplace where it will act as a wind break creates a calm and comfortable space to relax and fully enjoy your outdoor flame.

● fuel type

IBD Outdoor Rooms offers three different fuel options for a garden fireplace: gas, biofuel (ethanol), and gel fuel. Familiarize yourself with the benefits and disadvantages of each kind of fuel to select which type is the best for your garden fireplace.

● seating

Patio furniture can be a great choice for seating around your garden fireplace because it can be moved around so people can sit as close or as far away from the flame as they want. When selecting patio seating, consider comfort and safety. A conversation set with deep-seated chairs and a love seat or small sofa is a popular choice; just be sure the seating is comfortable and not made of metal. Metal patio furniture can be very dangerous as it conducts heat and may burn you, your family, or your guests. Another seating option is to build in seating or seat walls. Made from concrete, stone, or brick, these seats can be either bench style or have backs. You may want to add pillows or custom cushioning to make your built-in seating more comfortable.

If you are considering a garden fireplace, contact IBD Outdoor Rooms today to talk with our experienced staff about planning your new backyard oasis.

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An Outdoor Fireplace to Warm You Up

Choosing an outdoor fireplace that's just right for your home, your needs, and you style can be hard. We at IBD Outdoor Rooms can help you pick out the best one from among our wide array of options.

Choosing an outdoor fireplace that’s just right for your home, your needs, and you style can be hard. We at IBD Outdoor Rooms can help you pick out the best one from among our wide array of options.

While summer days are hot and sunny, the nights of the season can be cool, and it is really never too warm for a soft, crackling fire after dark. Adding an outdoor fireplace to your patio creates warmth, both literally as a heat source and figuratively as a focal point for your family and friends when relaxing or entertaining. IBD Outdoor Rooms offers a variety of outdoor fireplaces, including Art of Fire, visual expressions of art functioning as outdoor fireplaces. Our team can help you customize the perfect outdoor fireplace and install it on your patio, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and warmth of fire outside your home.

Modern Look

If you need design inspiration for how to set up your outdoor fireplace with your patio, the website for the cable channel HGTV posted 20 Cozy Outdoor Fireplaces, with pictures of different patio designs integrating indoor fireplaces. One features a large outdoor fireplace as the star centerpiece with its stone facade, highlighted by a black iron-accented patio. Another highlight, a double-sided outdoor fireplace you can enjoy from a covered section of your patio, if it rains. If you want the more contemporary, modern look, an idea infusing an IBD Outdoor Rooms favorite, Art of Fire-like mod circular metal fire pit with curved deck seating was eye-catching in the HGTV collection of outdoor fireplaces blended in with patios, lakes, and decks.

Traditional Look

Into more of the traditional outdoor stone hearth fireplace style? With choices between two different series of fireplaces, IBD Outdoor Rooms recommends Estate Series as these outdoor fireplaces are customized to fit anywhere they are CSIA-certified to be installed, meaning they can be any size, any fuel type (wood, gas, bio-fuel, or gel fuel), and can be vented or vent-free. This gives you so many options in just about everything! These fireplaces start out with a cabinet and a hearth base, with options for extended hearth bases and dress out bands. Chases are then selected, with a choice of Classique 42-inch and 72-inch heights, Stratford 36-inch height, Tuscan 42-inch height, and to add vertical appeal to an existing chimney, the Venetian Chase – 1872 is also used commonly to clear out wood-burning smoke or vented gas log fumes, as it adds height.

Contemporary Classic Look

If you are seeking a more contemporary classic look, you may be more drawn to our Veranda Series. Providing a ready to finish surface, the fireplace cabinet surrounds a manufactured outdoor fireplace. This cabinet is the required piece to be pipeless and serves as the base for all components of the fireplace. The qualified staff at IBD Outdoor Rooms will be able to help you build on with choices of front and side hearths, a chase top dress out, and the elegant Veranda wood box. You then choose between chases; like the Estates, your choices are Classique, Stratford, Tuscan, and Venetian.

As you can see, you have so many different outdoor fireplace design ideas to warm up your patio, so contact IBD Outdoor Rooms today to request a consultation with our experienced staff about designing your own outdoor fireplace.