An Outdoor Fireplace to Warm You Up

Choosing an outdoor fireplace that's just right for your home, your needs, and you style can be hard. We at IBD Outdoor Rooms can help you pick out the best one from among our wide array of options.

Choosing an outdoor fireplace that’s just right for your home, your needs, and you style can be hard. We at IBD Outdoor Rooms can help you pick out the best one from among our wide array of options.

While summer days are hot and sunny, the nights of the season can be cool, and it is really never too warm for a soft, crackling fire after dark. Adding an outdoor fireplace to your patio creates warmth, both literally as a heat source and figuratively as a focal point for your family and friends when relaxing or entertaining. IBD Outdoor Rooms offers a variety of outdoor fireplaces, including Art of Fire, visual expressions of art functioning as outdoor fireplaces. Our team can help you customize the perfect outdoor fireplace and install it on your patio, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and warmth of fire outside your home.

Modern Look

If you need design inspiration for how to set up your outdoor fireplace with your patio, the website for the cable channel HGTV posted 20 Cozy Outdoor Fireplaces, with pictures of different patio designs integrating indoor fireplaces. One features a large outdoor fireplace as the star centerpiece with its stone facade, highlighted by a black iron-accented patio. Another highlight, a double-sided outdoor fireplace you can enjoy from a covered section of your patio, if it rains. If you want the more contemporary, modern look, an idea infusing an IBD Outdoor Rooms favorite, Art of Fire-like mod circular metal fire pit with curved deck seating was eye-catching in the HGTV collection of outdoor fireplaces blended in with patios, lakes, and decks.

Traditional Look

Into more of the traditional outdoor stone hearth fireplace style? With choices between two different series of fireplaces, IBD Outdoor Rooms recommends Estate Series as these outdoor fireplaces are customized to fit anywhere they are CSIA-certified to be installed, meaning they can be any size, any fuel type (wood, gas, bio-fuel, or gel fuel), and can be vented or vent-free. This gives you so many options in just about everything! These fireplaces start out with a cabinet and a hearth base, with options for extended hearth bases and dress out bands. Chases are then selected, with a choice of Classique 42-inch and 72-inch heights, Stratford 36-inch height, Tuscan 42-inch height, and to add vertical appeal to an existing chimney, the Venetian Chase – 1872 is also used commonly to clear out wood-burning smoke or vented gas log fumes, as it adds height.

Contemporary Classic Look

If you are seeking a more contemporary classic look, you may be more drawn to our Veranda Series. Providing a ready to finish surface, the fireplace cabinet surrounds a manufactured outdoor fireplace. This cabinet is the required piece to be pipeless and serves as the base for all components of the fireplace. The qualified staff at IBD Outdoor Rooms will be able to help you build on with choices of front and side hearths, a chase top dress out, and the elegant Veranda wood box. You then choose between chases; like the Estates, your choices are Classique, Stratford, Tuscan, and Venetian.

As you can see, you have so many different outdoor fireplace design ideas to warm up your patio, so contact IBD Outdoor Rooms today to request a consultation with our experienced staff about designing your own outdoor fireplace.