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outdoor fireplace - ibd outdoor rooms - se usaThe fireplace whether indoors or out will always be a gathering place. IBD makes designing and building the fireplace simple. You can choose traditional wood burning or the ultimate convenience of gas. Gas fireplaces can be vented or non-vented (pipeless). Start with a simple box to surround the basic fireplace. Then add optional items as you desire. A hearth may be added that extends forward only, forward and to the sides or all the way around. A dress out band may be added to the top of the box for added dimension. Then you may choose from a variety of chase styles and a top dress out band or none at all. IBD also offers custom chase covers and chase tops in your choice of style and metal finishes.

The same unmatched construction materials used in IBD islands are used in the manufacturing of the IBD fireplace systems. Call 704-960-4530 and get started today creating your special outdoor room.


While everybody else I contacted was telling me ways that my project wouldn’t work, Sheryl was busy telling me ways my project could work. She calmly and attentively came up with an outdoor fireplace design that addressed the quirks of my particular job, and she had a friendly ‘customer first’ attitude while doing it. I really appreciate it!
~ Justin Youngers

Enjoy your summer to the fullest!

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