Accessories & Options

To further customize your outdoor kitchen you can choose from the many add-on’s available. Work with us and your contractor to get the exact look and feel for this wonderful addition to your home.

Kitchen Island Options

These options add to the base styles and also give you some additional space for grills and burners.

Rounded Dining End – 110-2100

grey and white structure with table top and hole in middleRounded end to accommodate fire pit or ice bucket. Base may be round or hexagonal for easy finishing. Up to 60 inch diameter standard.

Backsplash – 10-2200

grey corner of kitchen backsplash Add to any island. Priced per linear foot at 6 inch height. Curved backsplash will be priced on a custom basis.

Dining Edge – 10-2300

corner edge of outdoor kitchen piece. Grey colorLevel, lowered or raised. Dining ledges provide added space and allow guests to visit with the chef during meal preparation. Priced per linear foot.

small grey sqaure piece sitting on top Tile Top Extension up to 6″ – 10-2400

Tile Top Extension under 1/2″ – 10-2500

Used to accommodate tile extending past rock or brick facing material. Extends a maximum of 6 inches and priced per lineal foot. Also available with 1/2 (cement board) extension for stucco veneer priced per linear foot.

Added section of outdoor kitchen vanityAdditional Length – 10-2000

Add additional length to any island. Priced per linear foot at standard 36 1/2 inch height and standard 29 inch depth.

Additional Cut Ins added to frame of outdoor kitchenAdditional Cut Ins – 10-9900

Includes any cut in the front or top of an island to accommodate an appliance or accessory. Any size is acceptable.

Additional Height – 10-2900

 Additional Height added to grey frame of ourdoor kitchenStandard height of our island component is 36.5 inches. Additional height to any island component, up to 42.5 inches, can be added on a per foot basis. After 42.5 inches of height the component would be quoted as a custom component.

Post Holes shown on grey frame of outdoor kitchen sink and islandPost Holes – 10-3000

Post holes can be framed into island components that would allow placement of a pergola or pavilion style structures to look as if part of the island.

Kitchen Island Accessories

These accessories add those small but significant touches that finish the outdoor space off nicely.

two grey cut outs for outdoor kitchen cabinet liner framesCabinet Liner – 10-9910

Cabinet Tray – 10-9905

Fabricate interior cabinet openings with concrete board. Liner includes bottom, back and sides. Tray only has a bottom and is needed when inserting a full unit into the opening. The liner provides a clean finished look for storage when no unit is used.

Aluminum Liner – 10-9902

cut out for Aluminum liner for outdoor kitchenWipe clean .040 aluminum liner can be added to cabinet liner above. Provides a clean commercial look to your island interior.

two images of grey outdoor kitchen frame cut out for burnerKamado Caveat Drop – 10-3100

Power Burner Caveat Drop – 10-3200

Special recess designed to accommodate a power burner or ceramic kamado style grill. Allows lower placement of the appliance for ease of use.

Ceramic Grill Support – 10-3300

grey frame of ceramic grill support with hole in top and cut out on side Interior support for Green Egg or similar grill. Allows insertion of grill from counter surface. May require additional door or opening for ventilation.

Stainless Steel Vent Cover – 10-9908

black stainless steel vent cover rectangle with holes cut in

Stainless steel vent covers are put in to venting of the cabinet. They are placed under the stone for the best appearance. Stainless steel will go nicely with your stainless steel grill components.

Cast Concrete Vent Cover – 10-9907grey concrete vent cover rectangle with holes cut in

Concrete vent covers are put in to allow venting of the cabinet. When using these covers they may be stained to match the stone on the island or fireplace.

Electrical Junction Boxes – 10-9906

small metal electrical junction boxWeather resistant outdoor junction box ready to be wired on site. Placed per sketch, on vertical surface only. May be recessed to match facing material.

Umbrella Support & Collar 10-9905small black tube with flat square top and opening in center

Allows placement of umbrella or torch in your island. Includes stainless steel collar for a finished look. Approximately 4 inches by 4 inches and sits upon a metal sleeve that is braced on the interior of the island.

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