Why You Should Add a Wood Fired Oven to Your Outdoor Living Space

Creating the ultimate dream backyard living space is one of our specialties at IBD Outdoor Rooms. From outdoor fireplaces to outdoor kitchen islands, we can design and build the perfect outdoor spot for your home. When we have customers who are planning their outdoor kitchens as well as customers who want to update their current outdoor kitchen area, one feature we recommend installing is a wood fired oven component that will be custom built to fit the oven of your choice. After you select your oven, it will be sent to IBD Outdoor Rooms to be installed into the component and then shipped to you in one contained unit. We would like to share with you why you should consider equipping your outdoor kitchen, patio, or deck with a wood fired oven.

Outdoor Wood Fired Oven - IBD Outdoor

What is the history of the wood fired oven?

According to The Alternative Daily, many different cultures have used wood fired ovens since ancient times, but the most famous ovens are the ones that were designed by the ancient Romans. Still found in homes across Italy, these wood fired ovens resemble a large round chamber with an opening in the front for venting. These ovens are constructed from stone or terra cotta brick.

I know I can make great pizza in a wood fired oven. What other foods can I cook in this type of oven?

You can cook just about anything in a wood fired oven. This type of oven is great for baking bread, roasting chicken, meat, and vegetables, and baking casseroles

Why is pizza so good when it is baked in a wood fired oven?

The secret has to do with the high temperatures achieved in a wood fired oven. A wood fired oven can get as hot as 700 degrees, and this allows rapid rise spring to the dough. This rapid rise produces a crust with dimension and structure. If you like your pizza crust to be crispy yet tender, you will love being able to bake pizza in your new outdoor wood fired oven.

What is the best advantage of using a wood fired oven?

According to many renowned chefs all over the world, the greatest benefit of roasting and baking anything in a wood fired oven is the even distribution of high heat. A metal oven can only get as hot as 500 degrees, and, even worse, it cannot retain that heat because the heat gets reflected off the walls. A wood fired oven that is constructed from clay, brick, ceramic, or tile can keep temperatures up to 700 degrees and will radiate these high temperatures evenly over time. The evenness of the heat distribution adds to the flavor of what is being baked or roasted.

What are other advantages to using a wood fired oven?

Other than giving food an enhanced flavor, wood fired ovens give you versatility, ambiance, and reliability. Your friends and family will enjoy the complete sensory experience of sitting by the stove while your food is cooking.

If you are interested in adding a wood fired oven to your outdoor living space, contact IBD Outdoor Rooms. We can help you make this project a success.

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