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Choosing the Right Finish For Your Outdoor Kitchen

While you’re planning your dream space outside you don’t want to leave anything to chance. The appliances, fire pits, counters, and patio flooring should all fit together to your liking. The materials you use can determine the beauty, safety, and comfort of your outdoor kitchen—even the life of the kitchen. You want materials that are rated for outdoors, durable, scratch resistant, and stain resistant.

When you have come to the end of your outdoor kitchen design, the finishing touch is the finish itself. IBD Outdoor Rooms offers two beautiful options that come in a variety of designs and colors. While deciding, consider what you’ll be doing in your outdoor kitchen. Would you benefit from a smooth finish? Would stone match your space more perfectly? The price is always a factor as well. An IBD Outdoor Room associate can answer questions regarding price anytime you’d like to call.


Granitech base is pure natural granite granules that are mixed with a clear polymer. This allows the granite to bond to the substrate. This finish is a six step process that results in a durable and beautiful, natural finish. For a specific color you can bring a sample to one of our experts and they can produce any desired color using a two week process of color matching. Once the product is finished, it is low maintenance and should last the life of the unit.

  • First, the IBD component is sealed with adhesive at all joints and fasteners to insure a smooth, secure base.
  • Next, a primer is applied for a flawless surface.
  • Your technician will use a trowel to apply the first coat of granite and polymers over the unit.
  • When the first coat is dry, the technician will apply a second coat of granite and polymers, this time under pressure to create proper texture.
  • When this second coat is dried, your technician will apply IBD’s unique seal coat to lock the granite on as an “overcoat” which reduces scratches and stains.

Stone and Brick

Many homeowners opt for the more traditional outdoor look of brick and stone. With stone finish we are better able to match to the terrain if desired. The Granitech offers nine beautiful options, but the possibilities with stone are seemingly endless. While you’re making plans for your outdoor kitchen, consider the benefits of each finish, the durability of both, and both installations.

IBD Outdoor Rooms only sells the best products rated for outdoor use and provides professional installation every time.

You can start by viewing our photo gallery and calling to make your appointment—the first step toward your dream outdoor space.

Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Kitchen

When you start thinking of spring cleaning and warm weather, you often think of improvements you’d like to make. If an outdoor kitchen is on your list, you should make sure it’s an investment you want to make. If you decide to build an outdoor kitchen you want to start planning now, so that you can use it when warm weather hits.

The Cons

  • PRICE: Any investment in your property is going to cost money. Since you need specific appliances, cabinetry, and seating made of
    durable outdoor materials, you will have to pay for those. Furniture, flooring, and a heat source like a fireplace or fire pit is also a necessity for an outdoor space. Depending on your location and climate, you may decide to construct a room with walls and even a roof. All of these things cost money.
  • WEATHER: Depending on where you live, you may have long periods of time when you are unable to enjoy your outdoor kitchen due to weather. You will also need to weatherize your outdoor kitchen if you don’t plan to use it through winter. If you don’t have a roof on your outdoor space you are also limited to using it only on days of nice weather.
  • ACCESSIBLE TO THIEVES AND CRITTERS: If you have expensive appliances outside, then other people can tamper with, damage, or steal your property. This doesn’t always have to be on purpose. A neighbor can light a harmless fire in your outdoor fireplace that results in an accidental burn, leaving you with an insurance claim! An outdoor kitchen can also be damaged by animals seeking a warm, dry shelter for the night—or the season. It’s important to adequately prepare your outdoor kitchen to prevent such visitors.

The Pros

  • INCREASING PROPERTY VALUE: If you’re looking to sell or refinance, an outdoor kitchen can do the trick, pushing your property value over the threshold you’re striving for. For the money you spend on the outdoor space, you will get back that and more if you sell in the future. A beautiful outdoor space also increases curb appeal.
  • ENTERTAINING: If you’re a socialite, you might value this factor more than others. An outdoor kitchen means you can entertain any amount of people comfortable. You don’t have to worry about crowding your friends into your house.
  • COOKING MESSES STAY OUTDOORS: Not only can you do all of your entertaining in your outdoor space (weather permitting), but you benefit from having a separate cooking area that doesn’t leave your own kitchen a mess after a big gathering. You can even install a composting system as part of your outdoor kitchen to help with your cleanup and benefit the environment.
  • ODORS AND SMOKE STAY OUTSIDE: Having a fish fry doesn’t mean your house has to smell like fish. Cooking for a large group doesn’t mean your kitchen fills with smoke. These things stay outside when you have an outdoor kitchen to use!
  • HEAT STAYS OUTSIDE: Not only does the heat from cooking stay outside when you have an outdoor kitchen, but you can also enjoy cool spring and fall evenings—even winter—when you have an outdoor space with a fire pit.


Your outdoor kitchen won’t affect your home’s interior in the least, which is the best perk of all. You shouldn’t dwell on the cost or the upkeep of your outdoor kitchen, because it benefits everyone. Built well, an outdoor kitchen will withstand the test of time, and be useful for many years.

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Start The New Year Off Right! Let Us Help You Plan For A New Outdoor Fireplace!

You may not be planning for your summer activities yet, but imagine a new outdoor space to host a get-together, relax into the cool evening, and watch Fourth of July fireworks with the family. You can start the New Year off right by planning your new outdoor fireplace today. Avoid the spring rush by choosing your fireplace and planning your installation now.

First Thing’s First

Imagine your space. There are many styles of outdoor fireplaces available and IBD Outdoor Rooms offers the best garden fireplaces, wall fireplaces, and fire pits on the market. Our professionals can match you with the perfect fireplace to fit your space in size, style, and function.

  • THE GARDEN FIREPLACE is designed to fit into small areas and are designed to burn gas, biofuel, or gel fuel only. They can also be vent-free or vented, allowing for versatility. These fireplaces offer adequate heat for outdoor entertaining and a beautiful feature for your garden or patio space.
  • RINNAI WALL UNITS are designed for spaces that have divider walls or where larger units are needed. These gas appliances offer a beautiful gas flame and high heat output for those cool evenings in Spring, or less heat for the warmer evenings of summer.
  • THE FIRE PIT comes in various shapes and sizes to fit your specific need. The octagonal fire pit housing is our most popular selection at IBD Outdoor Rooms. It features a fully welded corrosion resistant frame and 1/2 cement board covering. We also offer round, square, wedge, oval, and rectangular fire pit housings, as well as stratford and pedestal fire pit housings, which stand up from the ground.

Our outdoor fireplaces are available in Grinitech and stone finishes which can be matched to your outdoor space perfectly. If you haven’t planned your outdoor space beyond your fireplace, we have everything you should need to complete your dream space. You can choose from a variety of posting, roofing, rafters, and anatomy to create a custom structure that fits any space and any need.

Choose IBD!

At IBD Outdoor Rooms we offer only industry-trusted brands rated for outdoor use with professional installation and maintenance. We want our customers to enjoy an outdoor living space no matter what time of year. That’s why maintaining the highest level of safety and beauty with every addition is important to us!  In doing this, we want out customers to return to IBD for all their needs. And, in addition, because they are fully satisfied with our service and products.

We have a technician standing by to begin this journey with you. Ready to start your search for the outdoor space of your dreams? Then visit our gallery to view pictures of our best work. One of these fireplaces could be yours!

Get started today by calling IBD Outdoor Rooms at 704-960-4530.

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Keep Your Outdoor Kitchen Protected from Critters During Cold Weather

When cold weather hits, animals behave just like people, searching for someplace warm to sleep. If there isn’t someplace warm to sleep, they at least search for shelter, and they will find it anywhere. If you aren’t careful they may find it in your outdoor kitchen. Your appliances are dry and with the assistance of some nesting materials, critters large and small can make them cozy and warm.

Tips to Keep Critters Out

  • Keep your kitchen clean
    When you prepare your kitchen for winter you should make sure it is completely clean of food and debris. If you have any food at all on or in your appliances you can bet a critter will find it! Give your stove-top, grills, counters, sink, fridge, and cupboards a thorough cleaning. You should also remove food from your outdoor refrigerator and cupboards and fasten them with locks.
  • Install a chimney cap
    If your outdoor kitchen has a chimney, make sure it has a chimney cap. If your chimney is installed and doesn’t have a chimney cap, a certified chimney sweep can install one in just a short appointment. Without a chimney cap, small critters will find a nice, cozy home inside your chimney flue.
  • Close your chimney
    Your outdoor fireplace might have a screen or glass doors. When your chimney isn’t in use, make sure that the screen or doors are closed tightly and locked or fastened. If you don’t have doors, you can have them installed and custom-fitted to your fireplace opening. In the meantime you can use your damper to close off the chimney from the fireplace opening. This will work to keep animals out when the chimney isn’t in use.

When you invest in your home and property by adding an outdoor kitchen, you don’t want animals to ruin it. Animals can leave flammable debris in your chimney that can cause fire. They can leave debris and harmful waste in your cooking area, and their claws can damage cabinets and counter-tops. Don’t let it happen to you.

Before you install your outdoor kitchen or remodel it, keep these things in mind:

  1.  Stainless steel cabinets are durable. They best protect against weather and can lock during the off-season. Stainless steel also protects your cabinet surfaces from the claws of critters small and large.
  2.  Install a chimney cap and doors or screens to avoid a problem later. Start with the right design today, and you won’t have to worry about repairing a damaged chimney or removing an animal from your flue, alive or dead, later.
  3.  Install outdoor-rated appliances. Most of these outdoor appliances are designed to withstand not only weather, but also protect against wildlife. You can ask any park ranger, though, and he will tell you that almost nothing protects against animals. They are cunning and sometimes desperate.
  4.  Consider a custom structure. By building a structure around your outdoor space, you allow yourself the freedom to fully enclose your outdoor kitchen during the off-season. For instance, building a partial wall or roof can allow you to use custom-removable walls, anchored tightly to the roof and floor to secure your space from wildlife and weather.

Consider the benefits of winterizing sooner rather than later. Protect your outdoor kitchen against critters today so that you can enjoy it in the spring.

Protect Your Outdoor Space from Winter Weather

When you’ve invested time and money into your perfect outdoor space, you want to maintain it properly. Protecting your appliances, surfaces, and furniture is very important not only during the wet Spring season, but also during the cold and sometimes wet Winter season.

Winterizing Your Outdoor Space

  • Shut off the water to your space. Letting water sit in the pipes and appliances can cause them to freeze and bust, causing damaged pipes, and sometimes affecting other parts of your outdoor kitchen. If your outdoor plumbing has its own shutoff valve, you can easily access it. Otherwise, you can disconnect the hoses on each appliance, draining them of water while you’re at it.
  • Switch off the circuit breaker to your outdoor kitchen or unplug individual appliances to conserve resources during the winter months. When you disconnect the cords you can inspect them and be sure they are in proper working order for their next use.
  • Clean your surfaces and appliances thoroughly. This includes refrigerators, sinks, counters, furniture, stoves, grills, and more. When your appliances are clean it decreases the risk of wild animals searching for food and shelter in your space. Wild animals can cause more damage than you think to your appliances and furniture.
  • Don’t cover refrigerators and ice makers. Covering these appliances can cause moisture to be trapped inside the tarp or cover, causing damage to the working parts. The appliances sold for outdoor use are designed to withstand the elements without being covered.
  • Remove faucets and store inside. This keeps the faucets from rusting and clogging. It is also a good idea to cover the sinks so that debris doesn’t settle into the basin, fall into the drain, and cause clogs and damage.
  • Apply an industrial sealant to stone counter-tops to avoid stains, chips, cracks, and other damage caused by winter weather. You can find a sealant at local home improvement stores or hire a professional to winterize your counter-tops.
  • Call a professional to inspect and winterize your gas appliance. You should also call a professional to install the appliance before use in the spring to insure it is in proper working order and safely connected to the gas source.
  • Clean out and cover your fire pit. If your fire pit is mobile, you might consider storing it inside, or purchasing a custom fire pit cover. Avoid a cracked and damaged fire pit by covering it completely. If water is allowed to fill the basin and freeze, even durable metal will crack.

Preserve Your Space

This is by no means an exhaustive list of winter tips for your outdoor space. In addition, depending on your appliances, space, furniture, and more, you may need more or less preparation. The important thing is to preserve your space! This means preserving your investments, and maintaining the operation of your space. At IBD Outdoor Rooms we turn fantasy into reality, and we want your dream space to be your dream space next year too!