Advantages of Having a Pergola

One of our specialties at IBD Outdoor Rooms, designing and building pergolas and pavilions provide an open outdoor living space away from the house. The main difference between these two structures is pavilions are roofed, and pergolas are partially roofed. To those who have never seen a pergola, it may look unfinished because of its simple structure of vertical beams and roof beams. As pergolas have become a popular outdoor decorating trend, we would like to talk about them and tell you more about the benefits of having a pergola in your yard.

Pergolas for Your Backyard -

A pergola gives you defined space outdoors.

Giving you more privacy than a deck or patio, a pergola provides an area for outdoor dining, entertaining, and relaxation. Pergolas are often paired with a deck or concrete flooring, and you can add drapes or screens for even more privacy.

A pergola gives you a place to grow vines and other plants.

Depending on the soil and climate conditions of where you live, clematis, wisteria, ivy, hops or grapes are ideal climbing plants to grow to provide shade, beauty, and privacy to your pergola. IBD Outdoor Rooms can suggest which plants are the best for the area and make recommendations about which types would look best with your pergola. In the spring, a pergola wall covered with flowers can brighten your day. You can also use your pergola for vertical gardening if your yard has limited space for growing plants.

A pergola can give you a bit of shade on a hot day.

While the typical pergola does not provide total shade, the beams or latticework at the top of the pergola still give you some relief from the blazing sun. You can also use fabric as a shield from the sun. Keeping the roof open on a pergola allows you to fully enjoy the stars in the sky at night.

A pergola will add real estate value to your home.

According to ModernMom, the home renovation expert Bob Vila claims attractive landscaping can add up to 20% real estate value to your home. Think of the money you are spending on a beautiful pergola as an investment in your home that you will enjoy for years to come.

A pergola can be customized with any amenities you would like.

If you wish to use your pergola as a dining room, IBD Outdoor Rooms can design built-in seating that will stay true to the clean architectural lines of a pagoda. We can also add an outdoor fireplace to the pergola to create the perfect outdoor spot for relaxation and conversation.

Interested in adding a pagoda to your backyard? Contact IBD Outdoor Rooms to talk to our expert staff about your pergola options.

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