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Hire an Expert to Design Your Outdoor Space

It can be overwhelming to design space while shopping for products, stay within a budget, and daydreaming all the while. While designing your outdoor dream space, it’s important to utilize the space in the best way possible, express your personality and ideas, stay ahead of the latest trends and styles, and spend your money wisely. Hire an expert to design your outdoor space, and they can help you with all of this and more!

Hire an Expert to Design Your Outdoor Space - Concord NC - IBD Outdoor Rooms1. Determine the Theme or Use of Your Space

Why do you need an outdoor space? Do you frequently invite guests over for a barbecue on the patio? Do you want a space to entertain while enjoying the pool? Or do you just need a great place to relax by a garden or overlooking your property? Determine the use of your space is the first big step in designing it. Here are some great ideas for outdoor spaces including an outdoor living room, poolside paradise, gameday bar and grill, and more. If you’re unsure exactly what the use of your space should be, ask an expert!

2. Express Your Ideas and Personality in Space and Design

Your outdoor space should complement your landscape and your home, but it should also reflect your own style and personality. This space should be as intimate as your own bedroom. Envisioning your own ideas and style will help make sure you have the right layout for the furniture and amenities that will bring your space together to live in and use. While thinking over your ideas and expectations, consider furniture, flooring, textures, and more.

3. Utilize the Latest Trends and Design Styles

It’s not enough that you’re adding a space to your home. In order to add value to your home through this addition, you must pay attention to the latest trends and design styles. While you may not be looking to sell or even refinance, every change made to your home should be an improvement. Involving a professional from start to finish will help you to bring in elements that are trending in the industry. Check out these Top 10 Outdoor Design Trends and discuss them with your IBD Outdoor Rooms expert.

4. Source Quality Materials and Products

Do not become swept up in trends that are outside of your budget and then purchase sub-par products to achieve the aesthetic you want. Only trust your home improvements with products manufactured of quality materials, with safety and durability in mind. IBD Outdoor Rooms makes all of our design components of quality materials only, shipped and ready to build by your hired contractor.

Expert Care for a Stress-Free Job

When you involve a professional for your home improvement job, the many tasks and decisions can be fun and exciting instead of stressful and aggravating. Why is it stressful? Many homeowners don’t realize how much work goes into a major installation like an outdoor space. While a lot of the work is in installation, a great deal of the work is decision-making, budget-following, and people-pleasing. Don’t worry, though. When you have the help of an expert, you can accommodate the function your family needs as well as the design and style your family wants.

Don’t get stressed. Get help. At IBD Outdoor Rooms, our experts can assist you in choosing from a variety of outdoor kitchen islands, outdoor fireplaces, extras like grill cradles and lighting posts, and custom structures to give your space walls and waterproof ceilings.

Check out our gallery to find the outdoor space of your dreams and talk with a professional to get started on your design.

Professional Installation for Quality Improvements

While IBD Outdoor Rooms sells and ships ready-to-build and ready-to-finish products, it is imperative that homeowners hire a local professional to complete the installation. Not only does your homeowner’s insurance require licensed and certified contractors to complete work on your property, but most municipal code authorities also require a qualified contractor as well as building permits. This keeps your home and family safe but also keeps the community safe. Accidental fires do not only affect your home, but also neighboring homes.

We recommend homeowners hire a certified contractor to do all installations, structural, hearth, and otherwise. Make certain to hire an NFI certified chimney and fireplace technician to install any fire appliance. When you involve an expert from the beginning you have the benefit of an entire network of contractors and other experts that work together to complete the job. Many contractors may have dual certifications so they can properly install fire appliances while also putting together the structure, kitchen islands, electricity, and more.

Don’t leave your new purchase up to chance. Don’t let your quality products become ruined or dangerous due to improper installation and maintenance. Make sure your home improvements are truly improvements by hiring an expert from the beginning.

Call IBD Outdoor Rooms at 704-960-4530 or contact us online.

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We Have Certified Contractors & NFI-Certification

At IBD Outdoor Rooms, our task and goal are to turn fantasy into reality. We are proud to help our customers with their outdoor patios, kitchens, gardens, and yards year-round by bringing these spaces to life and adding value to each property with exceptional products. IBD Outdoor Rooms specializes in designing outdoor spaces that are functional and long-lasting and that complement the home and landscape. We make the products, ship them out ready-to-build, and depend on certified contractors and professionals to put these products together. Our customers should find a certified contractor to install their new products in order for them to be installed safely and properly.


Certified Professionals for Safe Installationsoutdoor area with pergola and chairs

When building a new structure, moving and setting up expensive appliances, and installing fireplaces, fire pits, and wood fire ovens and more, it’s important to hire a certified professional. Contractors that are NFI-certified have been trained and tested in fire science. These technicians can install fire appliances properly and safely in any space. This will protect your new investment, your existing home, and your family and guests. Having a certified professional install your new appliance will also maintain your warranties. Many manufacturers will not honor warranties after a unit has been installed or serviced by someone without the proper certifications and training. Fortunately, for homeowners across the U.S., the CSIA and NFI website allows for a search to find a certified technician in your area.


IBD Outdoor Rooms Certified Techs

IBD Outdoor Rooms now has certified installers including contractors and NFI-certified techs. Our customers can choose to work with one of our own professionals for the best installations and setup possible. Our technicians are familiar with our products and provide excellent services and the utmost professionalism. Whether your new install is a fireplace, a pergola, or a simple lamp post, one of our certified contractors can handle it. We sell and install new outdoor products year-round, but summer is the best time to complete the biggest jobs. Schedule with one of our contractors now so that you can have your dream outdoor space this summer.


IBD Outdoor Rooms Featured Products

Our favorite summertime shelter at IBD Outdoor Rooms is the pergola because of its function and beauty. Homeowners can enjoy shade during hot, sunny days, and still, stargaze on cool evenings. Other product favorites include kitchen islands, cabinets, shelters, wood-fired ovens, and more. Have a barbecue grill? We can build kitchen units that can cradle your favorite grills. They can include sinks, outdoor appliances, countertops, cabinets, and more. Don’t forget that these appliances, structures, and units should be built and installed by professionals too. Our customers trust us with their homes, their spaces, and their investments so you can trust our team of techs with your installs as well.

Call us at 704-960-4530 to start today!

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