Check Out Our 6 Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Are you already planning your summer festivities with pool parties, water balloon fights, and barbecues for the whole family? IsSanta Fe Island - IBD Outdoor Rooms your outdoor space needing a bit of an update before the party begins? At IBD Outdoor Rooms, we have six great designs for your outdoor kitchen that can be used with all your favorite appliances, paired with walls, fire appliances, and more. You can mix and match our kitchen designs to best accommodate your space and your needs.

Six Beautiful Designs

  1. Santa Fe Straight Design: The Santa Fe is a straight island design with two standard cutouts. It can be as small as necessary for your need and as long as desired. You can opt for more cutouts, dining ledges, electrical boxes, cabinet liners, caveats, and backsplashes.
  2. Versailles V Shape Design: This design works great for a small space and fits perfectly into a corner. It comes with two cutouts and in two options, one with corners that extend to the edge and the other which turns back to toward the unit. You can opt for a backsplash, cabinet liners, and electrical boxes.
  3. Lexington L Shape Design: This angled design is sized by measuring the dimensions of the inside where you would stand to cook. You can opt for an L-shaped design, or any angle you’d like. You may opt for more cutouts, dining ledges, electrical boxes, cabinet liners, caveats, and backsplashes. This design comes with four standard cutouts.
  4. Trenton Tri Shape Design: This popular option comes with six standard cutouts and is compatible with all our accessories and options. This design accommodates any angle, though 30 and 45-degree angles are most popular. This design is especially popular when more than one cooking surface is necessary, working to accommodate more than one grill.
  5. Ultimate U Shape Design: This large format island is our best seller. It comes with six standard cutouts, and also can include all options and accessories. The U shape creates a centralized entertainment area while providing essential counter space for food preparation, serving, and dining. Our customers who value entertaining and look to utilize their space in a big way opt for the Ultimate U Shape Design.
  6. Concord & Serpentine Curved Design: For those that are looking for a custom build we have the C shaped curved Concorde and Serpentine outdoor kitchen island.  This custom design  can easily accommodate beverage stations and ceramic grills. Since each one is a custom creation, this option requires us to speak with the client about the design and the price.

When you call IBD Outdoor Rooms, you can expect a call back in 48 business hours. You can choose an outdoor kitchen design that is “unfinished”, partially finished, or completely finished and ready to install. Consider the best option for your home, the time installation will take, and who will do your installation. Hire a general contractor in your area to complete your kitchen island installation.

Call us at 704-960-4530 for more information about our outdoor kitchen designs and we will get back to you within 48 business hours.

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