How to Choose Your Perfect Fire Pit

Relaxing on your patio or other outdoor seating area can be even easier and more enjoyable when you are sitting around a fire pit and watching a beautiful, dancing flame. Less expensive than a full fireplace and an outdoor heater, a fire pit allows you to extend the use of your outdoor living space throughout the entire year. For those who love spending a lot of time on their patio, deck, or other outdoor gathering spot, a fire pit is a valuable yet inexpensive investment. Portable and easy-to-clean, a fire pit can function as a mobile fireplace and as a grill. As sales of fire pits have steadily increased, you can find a wide variety of styles and sizes from which to choose. Since the number of options can be overwhelming to a first-time fire pit shopper, the Huffington Post created a buying guide for fire pits to help you choose your perfect fire pit. At IBD Outdoor Rooms, we offer several different types of standard sized fire pits, and we can also create a customized fire pit that fits perfectly with your backyard. To assist you with knowing what to consider when purchasing a fire pit, we would like to share a few of the Huffington Post’s tips on what you should look for when choosing a fire pit.

Choosing a Firepit - Concord NC - IBD Outdoor Rooms

Consider Which Style of Fire Pit You Prefer.

The look of fire pits has evolved quite a bit since the only style you could find was the classic round fire bowl. Although this style remains popular because it is the easiest to move around, another popular type of fire pit is the square version that looks like a low table. This style is best for a roomy backyard as a stationary gathering area.

Know the Dimensions You Need.

Fire pits generally come in two standard sizes. The smaller size, 20 to 25 inches in diameter, usually is available in the bowl style, which is perfect for compact patios and decks. The larger size, with a diameter of 40 to 45 inches, is comparable to the size of an outdoor table.

Decide If You Want to Use Wood or Gas as the Fuel Source.

When buying a fire pit, you do have a choice on its fuel source. While using propane as the fuel source is much more convenient, a wood-burning fire pit is more cost-effective. Additionally, burning wood gives you the smells, sounds, and looks of a true campfire.

The Materials Used to Construct the Fire Pit Make a Difference.

Fire pits can be made from stone, stainless steel, copper, and tile. Since stone is the heaviest of these materials, it is best used to make the larger square fire pits that will remain stationary and unmoved. Stainless steel fire pits are also best used as stationary fire pits. Although a stainless steel fire pit is more expensive, it is a great investment as it is easy to clean as well as rain- and rust-resistant. If you are just looking for a standard small fire pit, IBD Outdoor Rooms recommends copper fire pits. Powder-coated to be durable enough to stand up to weather elements, a copper fire pit is also a nice, shiny look.

Interested in adding a fire pit to your backyard? Contact IBD Outdoor Rooms to talk to our experienced staff about your options.

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