Consider a Beautiful New Mailbox

Looking for an easy way to make your house stand out on your street? A new attractive stone or brick mailbox can add a lot to the entrance to your property, and IBD Outdoor Rooms is proud to create mailbox posts by using the same design and construction expertise we use to create outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. Not only do our mailboxes boost your curb appeal, but they also can help you express your personal and individual taste. We would like to tell you a few reasons why you should consider a beautiful new mailbox for your home.

Add to your curb appeal.

If your mailbox is an old, ordinary, black mailbox in front of your house next to the street, it really cannot be considered as “curb appeal.” It may even detract from the appearance of your property. A new stone or brick decorative mailbox is sure to impress potential buyers when you decide to put your house on the market.

Enjoy a safe investment.

With an mailbox designed by IBD Outdoor Rooms, you will not have to worry about extensive property damage in the case of an accident. We incorporate a unique mounting system, which is designed to shear away if a vehicle hit the mailbox at a high speed. This type of system is required in many areas, and this “break-away” feature will save you from suffering a lot of damage in the unfortunate case of an automobile accident.

Match the style of your home to give your property an “estate” look.

As E-Zine Home Improvement  says, being able to have a mailbox designed to complement the style of your house is a huge benefit to adding a new mailbox from IBD to your property. We can take a detail from the architectural design of your home to create a beautiful mailbox that coordinates with your house, which gives an upscale look to your entire property.

Look unique on your street.

An IBD Outdoor Rooms decorative mailbox will really make your house stand out in your neighborhood. If the majority of your neighbors have the average black mailbox, it will be so easy to give your friends a definite way to find your home.

Considering a beautiful new mailbox? Contact IBD Outdoor Rooms to talk to our staff to find out the options we have for you to improve your curb appeal.

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