How IBD Outdoor Rooms Builds Cabinets

When designing the ultimate outdoor kitchen for your backyard, choosing quality cabinets is an essential part of the planning process. In an earlier blog post, we discussed several construction mediums that outdoor cabinets may be constructed from, but each has its drawbacks.

Curved HardieBoard Cabinet Construction -

Here at IBD Outdoor Rooms, we specialize in designing and constructing outdoor kitchens, and would like to share with you some helpful information regarding the outdoor kitchen cabinet construction and finishing materials we use.

Finished Curved HardieBoard Island -

Because of the weight of concrete blocks and their tendency to crack due to water absorption, we choose to use metal and HardieBoard when constructing our cabinets. As a result, our units can be placed on raised decks and other weight restrictive areas. We avoid building units from wood due to their likelihood of catching fire once the wood has dried out.

We create our cabinet interiors using 22 gauge galvanized G-90. We begin with flat metal and bend our own stud and track so we can control the integrity of the structure.

After forming the stud and track, we then construct the island to the customer’s specs.  The metal is spot-welded to form the unit.  After the spot-welding, the welds are re-galvanized to prevent rust.

The exterior is constructed of HardieBoard, which is designed to withstand the outdoor elements.  This material is attached to the frame with glue and then screwed into the studs.  All seams are then sealed to prevent as much water penetration into the interior as possible.

The exterior of the islands can then be finished in your product of choice, stone, brick, stucco, tile, stainless steel, various wood or polymer finishes. Each finishing product has its pros and cons – to learn more, be sure to check out our last blog post!

Units will then be shipped to the dealer or taken to a job site for installation.

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