You Need Your Chase

All About Chases

Whether we’re talking about an indoor or outdoor fireplace, certain components are built into the design that are specifically there to help protect that beautiful fireplace from the damaging effects of rain, snow, sleet and any other forms of moisture that come its way.

Unsure what your chase cover does? Interested to know more about decorative options? Contact us today.

Unsure what your chase cover does? Interested to know more about decorative options? Contact us today.

One component that sits at the top of your chimney — the chase — ends up being more or less the first line of defense against that damage. It forms a barrier that diverts water away and protects the stone, brick or other masonry materials in the process. Chases — particularly the ones we carry at IBD Outdoor Rooms — aren’t simply utilitarian though. They can add a lot of visual interest, either bringing in a pop of color with copper or bringing in a dynamic shape that complements or enhances the design of your home.

Different Materials, Different Benefits

If you had a fireplace installed with a chase that’s begun to fail, with rust streaking down its sides and pits and corrosion holes peeking through, odds are that was a galvanized chase. Galvanized metal is a really cost-conscious choice, and that’s why galvanized chase covers and chimney caps are often chosen and installed by builders. But depending on factors like weather and location, galvanized metal can wear down sometimes in just a handful of years.

At IBD Outdoor Rooms, we can show you a variety of chases in copper or stainless steel, which we find to be the most aesthetically pleasing and functionally dependable materials you’ll find.

Stainless steel is also a good value and has a beautiful clean look. As an outdoor material, it’s also highly durable, so you can expect a much longer, much less trouble-marked service life than you would with galvanized metal. We also offer powder-coated stainless steel chases for clients who want a different look — maybe a bold color, or dynamic black — with the durability of stainless steel.

Copper chases bring remarkable beauty to a home or outdoor space. And through the years, while remaining strong and durable, copper develops that gorgeous telltale colorful patina — it truly only gets better with time.

Simple Or More Dynamic Shapes

IBD Outdoor Rooms can help guide you toward the perfect chase, whether you’re looking for something visually simple or something that really draws the eye. We carry classic chase covers with and without a hole (the latter would be for vent-free units), but we also offer chases with shroud extensions that bring a bold design pop, from a Gothic look to Roman and Grecian designs. Talk to us about the design you’re envisioning, and we’ll help you find the perfect new chase!

If you’re looking to have a chase replaced or installed — or just have some questions about their function or possibilities when it comes to aesthetics — we’re always glad to help. Just give IBD Outdoor Rooms a call!

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