Spice Up Your Curb With New Mailboxes / Lampposts & Post Bases

As you’re looking for property projects this spring, consider improving your curb appeal. Landscaping, trimming trees, weeding flower beds, cleaning the outside of the house and painting the front door are all ways to improve curb appeal. You can also improve it by adding a new mailbox, lamp post, or post base for your outdoor structures. These small touches can add value to your home with little work on your part. Our mailboxes and lamp posts feature a unique mounting system designed to “break-a-way” if struck by an automobile at a high speed. This design decreases the property loss when there is an accident. Protect your investment right down to the post of your mailbox or new lighting.

Masonry MailboxesSpice Up Your Curb With New Mailboxes  Lampposts & Post Bases

Instead of the leaning mailbox you can have a masonry-type mailbox when you shop with IBD Outdoor Rooms. Our mailboxes meet DOT and USPS requirements and are measured to the correct height before you get them. They include a mailbox and a paper/package slot which fits flawlessly with the aesthetics of the mailbox. When you design your mailbox with us, you can add a dress out band. This adds dimension and shadow line to the mailbox, and can be used with or without a top.

There are four tops to choose from:

  1. the hipped top which slopes up and toward the center on all sides
  2. the gable top which features a vertical face on front and back with sloped sides
  3. the stratford top which adds flair to the top of the mailbox
  4. the arched top which is simple and attractive

All can be used with or without the dress out band, however, the stratford top may be a challenge for your mason depending on the type of stone.

Masonry Lamp Posts

Ideal for electric or gas lights and torches, the IBD lamp post is the quick and easy way to add a beautiful masonry lamp post to your property. The hip top is the most popular top for lamp posts, although all mailbox tops can be used as well. Think about adding a masonry lamp post near the backyard patio or garden, poolside, framing the front door, or along the driveway. No matter where you choose to install, you can choose a finish to compliment your home .

Post Base

When you add a nice structure to your outdoor space, you can add a visual anchor to the structure and improve aesthetics by adding an attractive base. IBD’s Boot or Post base adds a decorative touch to any pergola or pavilion and it can be finished to bring together the whole space.

Finish and Installation

When you design your new outdoor features with us, you can choose a finish that specifically compliments your property. We work with Granitech and stone, both beautiful and durable options, to accomplish a strong end result. Before finalizing your order, you should consult a professional in your area who will complete your installation correctly and within code.

Speak with your chosen contractor and create your plan, then let us turn it into reality. Call IBD Outdoor Rooms at 704-960-4530.

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