Summer Recipes for Your Outdoor Kitchen

You’re in the thick of summer and while the days are hot, the evenings can be great with the right people, the right space, and the right food! This summer, make sure you make the most of your space and kitchen by cooking the best for your family and guests. Whether your choice for outdoor cuisine is a stovetop or a grill, we can help you find your favorites.

Seasonal Cooking

veggies and fruitsSomething that many chefs through the years have begun doing is shopping and cooking for the season. Not only are the groceries and ingredients cheaper when they are in season, but they are usually fresher, tastier, and more natural. During the summer, you can find many fruits and vegetables in season. Many of the in seasons vegetables and fruits are on sale at farmers markets across the country, fresh-picked, and ready to use in your summer dishes.

The vegetables that are in season this summer is radishes, cucumbers, beets, carrots, corn, garlic, rhubarb, arugula, bell peppers, and zucchini. The fruits that are in season this summer are lemon, passion fruit, peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots, plums, blackberries, strawberries, tomatoes, melons, and limes.

Recipes to Try

You can utilize some of the best summer ingredients in your outdoor kitchen this summer. This grilled corn fritter recipe can help you work through your corn this summer (because at summer prices, there’s just too much corn!). These corn fritters fry great in a cast iron, or they can bake inside tin foil on the grill. If some of your guests still prefer corn on the cob, wrap them with your favorite herbs, a slice of bacon, or just a pat of butter with pepper and salt, and grill for a few minutes while wrapped tightly in tin foil. If you wrap your corn in bacon, make sure you cook it long enough to thoroughly cook the bacon.

Step outside the box by offering your guests something new and exotic this summer. A great entre that works well with grill strip zucchini is Korean chicken breasts on the grill. For a total prep time of just 1 hour and 20 minutes, you won’t keep your guests waiting. This mouth-watering dish offers a surprising alternative to the usual chicken legs and burgers for outside parties.

Desserts to Try

No meal is quite complete without dessert, and there is no better time to use berries than in the summer! Are you really a “grill master” if you’ve never made a pie on your grill? This grilled berry pie works best with fresh berries and peaches. You can make your own crust or use a store-bought one. With a little magic from your backyard grill, you can offer your guests and family a sweet treat that’s also beautiful when grilled just right!

This summer while you’re enjoying your outdoor space and outdoor kitchen, don’t settle for the same old barbecue menu as everyone else on your block. You can use your gas or charcoal grill, pizza oven, Big Green Egg, or stovetop to work magic this summer. Not sure you have everything you need to make your outdoor space everything it could be? We can help. Contact IBD Outdoor Rooms at 704-960-4530 or contact us online today.

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