The Art of Fireplaces–A Modern Twist

For many years before central heat system, the main focal point of the home was the hearth. Many homeowners still prefer to have a fireplace, in addition to a central heating system. A fireplace brings ambiance and style to your home. Adding a fireplace to your outdoor space can bring many benefits. It provide warmth on a cool night, a space for your friends and family to gather, and can add an artistic flare to your outdoor space!

Art of Fire

The Art of Fireplaces--A Modern Twist - Concord NC - IBD Outdoor RoomsIBD Outdoor Rooms are proud to offer fires that are also art fixtures. The Art of Fire fireplaces are visual expressions of art and fire. Choosing one of these stylish fireplaces can bring your space up a notch. The type of finish you choose for your island can complement your landscape and home, and adding a Teardrop Firepit or Diamond Shape Fireplace can fill any space with beauty and style.

When you upgrade your outdoor space with new fire appliances, you should consider an Art of Fire fireplace. In the southern U.S. region, a popular option is the hot pepper-shaped fire island. There is also the outdoor island with a firepit or space for your grill. These beautiful installations are great poolside, off the patio, or even in the garden. It’s your dream space, and it’s our goal to make it a reality.

The Process

To get started now with your Art of Fire fireplace installation, give IBD Outdoor Rooms a call right now. Whether you’re looking for a piece of art or an island with a stylish flare, we have what you need. Start with us, and we’ll get your design started right now. Once you decide on the type of fireplace you want to add to your space, we’ll get started on your fireplace.

IBD Outdoor Rooms sends the products to your doorstep with detailed installation instructions. Once it leaves our facility, it is ready to install and use. However, it’s important that you find a certified contractor in your area for installation. Only a certified and licensed contractor can do the installations, maintain code compliance, and insure your new fireplace is safe and functional. An NFI-certified technician should install and service your fire appliances, as they are well-versed in federal and local fire codes.

Your Dream Space

At IBD Outdoor Rooms, we turn your dream space into reality. It’s our goal that your new Art of Fire fireplace adds the look you want for your space. We work with our customers to design the outdoor space of their dreams. We are the top choice among outdoor room products because of our attention to detail, exceptional designs, and top-market materials. Call 704-960-4530 today to get started!

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