Check Out These Outdoor Extras We Can Provide for Your Home

At IBD Outdoor Rooms, we specialize in creating outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, but we can do a few other things to make your yard special and unique. No matter your style and decor, we can design outdoor extras to accentuate your home. Our staff dedicates time searching for outdoor products to bring value and beauty to the outside area of your home. We would like to tell you more about these extras we can provide for your house.

Pergolas and Pavilions

Pergolas, as well as pavilions, provide a place to entertain outdoors, to store plants, to offer more privacy, and to sit with protection from the sun in your backyard. What is the difference between a pergola and a pavilion? A pergola is an outdoor structure that is made up of vertical columns that support a series of horizontal beams, which act as an open, flat roof. Pavilions can be ornamental structures that can be open or roofed to provide shelter. While we can use whatever type of wood you wish to build a pergola or pavilion for you, we typically use Douglas fir as our material for its price, color, longevity, and finish quality. Our design staff will help create the best framework for your structure by using subtle touches like curves and arches. We do offer several standard sizes, but we can also design a customized pergola or pavilion to fit your needs. We will consult with you to find out exactly what you want and work with you through the design and manufacturing process with great attention to detail.

Mailboxes, Lamp Posts, and Post Bases

To complete the look of your outdoor living area, IBD Outdoor Rooms can create ready-to-finish mailboxes and lampposts. An excellent way to add curb appeal to your home, our mailboxes and lampposts are made with the same quality as all of our other outdoor products. Our mailbox posts are designed with a unique mounting system to protect it in case the mailbox is ever hit by a vehicle. Required in many areas, this feature can save you from extensive property damage. A quick and easy way of adding a masonry lamppost to your yard, our lampposts can be used with electric or gas lights as well as torches. We also design post bases that add decorative touches to a pergola or pavilion post. Providing more substance to the base, a post base covers the attachment to the patio and gives a visual focus to the structure.

Along with the above outdoor extras, IBD Outdoor Rooms also offers a quick chase to cover your factory-built chimney and Kamado Kradles to house your grill and smoker. Contact us to schedule a consultation to give your outdoor living space something extra.

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