Outdoor Kitchen Finishes

Let’s Talk Finishes for Your Outdoor Kitchen

When IBD Outdoor Rooms creates custom outdoor kitchens in and around Concord, North Carolina, it doesn’t take long before we get to the point where we get to hammer out all the design details with our customers. One of the most fun things to pick out is the type of finish they want on the stone used to build their outdoor kitchen island, outdoor fireplace, or wood-fired oven. This is the fun part, where you get to pour your creativity into your outdoor kitchen space and make it look, feel, and function exactly how you envisioned.

Having trouble making your outdoor kitchen look fab? Have out experts put in some beautiful finishes to make it stand out.

The finishes we use most commonly include stone, brick, tile, and stucco—all beautiful surfaces that you are likely familiar with. Another favorite finish is something we call Granitech, which is a finish we’ve pioneered that uses a base of pure natural granite granules.

Granitech is available in eight colors, ranging from White Pearl to Black Pearl with lots of variations in between. We can also produce custom colors and can perform color matching. You can read more about our Granitech finish system below, although we also invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about possible finishes for your outdoor space.

All About Granitech

One of the finishes we use most often is called Granitech,  a mixture of granite granules and clear polymer. This substance has been a huge hit for us because it is beautiful and low maintenance and gives homeowners the look of granite without all the expense.

The six-step Granitech finish system allows the substance to “flow” over the masonry surface, bonding to the substrate. We begin the process of applying Granitech by sealing all the joints and fasteners on the IBD Outdoor Rooms modular component. We then apply a primer and hand trowel the first coat of Granitech over the whole unit. Once that dries, we apply another coat and finally a “seal coat” that will protect your outdoor kitchen from abrasion damage or staining.

Have questions about which finish will work best in your outdoor space? Call IBD Outdoor Rooms, proud members of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, at 704-960-4530.